The Hall of Fame update

The Hall of Fame was a great idea brought to fruition by Paul Hargreaves in September 2016. It recognises players who have got over 3000 runs, 200 wickets or 100 wicket keeping victims in Lancashire League games. We’ve decided to visual the Hall of Fame, to make it a little bit more interesting:

Since it was created and stored here (updated after every game), there has been new entries with current players still scoring runs and taking wickets but also, some first teamers who are on the brink.

Is the reason Jonny Whitehead has returned due to the fact he only needs 179 runs to be part of the club? Francois needs 479 runs – can he do it this season?

We’ve added “Centurions” also to the equation this year with Joe Martin entering the Hall of Fame for his batting – a great feat, he does however need 1348 to get in it for 3000 runs.

If you think any other feats are worthy of the Hall of Fame? Get in touch with your suggestions.

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