The Lowerhouse Draw – New way to pay!

The Lowerhouse Draw was instigated in a small office in the centre of Burnley in late 1999 when Stan Heaton and Jez Hope had a spare moment.

In June 2023 the total draw payout will have passed £120,000 and the money raised for the club and Junior section will not be far behind that amount. Great work by everyone involved, not least the members who contribute to such a great cause in supporting the club and winning a few quid along the way.

Entry is only £5 per month with the prize money currently at £4000 per year. The preferred method of payment is by Standing Order (if you wish to set up a standing order, please email but there is now also the facility to pay a lump sum for 6, 12 or 24 months worth of numbers. To do this select which option is the best and pay via card or Paypal by selecting the product and following the steps below.

Every month the prize money will be; 1st £100, 2nd £80, 3rd £70, 4th £50, except June and December when the prizes will be 5 winners of £100!

We are always looking at upping the winnings, depending on member numbers. The prize winners will be notified and the cash sent via balance transfer, a cheque or PayPal. The winning numbers will be displayed on all club social media, on the website and on the notice board at the club. Thanks to everyone for their support and lets try and ‘RALLY’ some more members.

You can check out all the previous winners here

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