The Original Lowerhouse Pavilion

For those who are unaware, where the clubhouse is currently located has not always been it’s permanent home. With a history of over 150 years, there are some things that get lost down the line. This was something that I’d been intrigued about and have never been able to find any photos of it, although Stan, Jez and Blezs will probably remember sitting in it (I’ll take a hiding for that comment on the chin). Anne Cochrane has visited the Burnley library and after some digging has found some more iconic history pieces. Below is what she has found. Thanks again Anne for some great detective work – Adam.

“I didn’t have anything already with the old pavilion on, other than glimpses behind team photos so I tried to find something in the old newspapers at the library, with a certain amount of success.

I had already mentioned the official opening of the pavilion in May 1901 during a match against Burnley when I did a brief run through of the early years to 1920, based on the AGM reports but  I looked at the other source, the Burnley Gazette and found another really nice article.

It talks about the heated debates concerning dropping Garibaldi from the club’s title; gives a completely detailed description of the pavilion including the makers, Bruce and Still from Liverpool, who unfortunately don’t exist now, and the fact that the committee opted for a building which could have been moved, had the landlord’s plan to drive a road through the ground have come to fruition!

I thought the item at the bottom of the page detailing how many players Burnley FC were looking to transfer, might also be of interest also.

I then started scanning the Burnley News  for 1923 as a random year, and found coverage of the Lowerhouse Mills Canteen Sports Club Athletics Day, held at Lowerhouse, and a fair bit of the pavilion can be seen in the background of one image.

Can I hereby start a campaign to retain whatever portions of the white fencing are left?”

Click below to enlarge:

If you have a photo or know where some are, please get in touch!

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