The story of the missing tea room…

As shown on the 1974 team photo, there is an empty space where a tea room used to be!

So we know that the first tea room was the 1921 ex army hut (History Books but this became the members’ refreshment room in 1926 when a separate tea room was erected, which was presumably the one which stood until about 1973 when it must have been demolished before it fell down, these next two photos from 1968/70 show the dilapidation.

From the LHCC Committee Minute Book

27 March 1975 “A discussion took place on the possibility of obtaining a wooden building now standing in St. Mary Magdalene’s School yard” the Secretary was authorised to offer £50.

10th April 1975 “The Secretary reported that the wooden building had been obtained and work could commence immediately written consent was obtained. “

St. Mary Magdalene’s School moved to its Wellfield Drive location in 1975 and the old building in Haslam Street was demolished in 1977 as part of the motorway works.
(Demolition imminent 1977

There then followed a series of delays, with the contractor finally promising to have the hut erected by Christmas 1975.

There are mentions of a capital grant from Burnley Council, being paid in instalments, possibly linked to work on this hut.

11.12.75 Nelson British Legion offered 60 stacking chairs at a £1 each which the club accepted, presumably for the hut and possibly still in use.

So this still needs to be confirmed, but the tearoom presumably opened for the 1976 season, 50 years after the first tearoom.

17th February 1977 “A squad of volunteers would prepare the tea room frontage and then the concreting would be considered.” At the next meeting it was reported the weather had prevented this, and at the meeting after that £10 of flagstones were to be purchased to finish the work. We have a good photo of what looks to be still a relatively new building in 1980.

So if it is demolished in 2025 we will have had it 50 years and that was £50 well spent.

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