Weekend Teams

The weekend teams are as follows – please note Saturdays locations for the firsts and seconds have switched – posted earlier in the week:

Saturday First Eleven vs Woodbank (Away)

1pm start
1. Heap
2. Bleazard
3. Cottam
4. Haasbroek
5. Hussain
6. Martin J
7. Martin P
8. Page
9. Simm
10. Uttley
11. Erasmus

Scorer: Gaynor.

Umpire: Benson

Meet LHCC 11.15am

Same team Sunday Rochdale home with Hawke for Page

Saturday Second Eleven vs Woodbank (Home)

1pm start
1. Stansfield
2. Beneduce
3. Askew
4. Bithell
5. Elliott
6. Greenhalgh
7. Halstead T
8. Laraway
9. Nadeem
10. Singh A
11. Wearden

All players to meet 11.30 even if game cancelled for team meeting.

Same team Sunday Rochdale away with Page, Bridge, Chhabra, and Chir for Halstead, Singh, Nadeem and Wearden

Reserves Sunday: Wearden, Nadeem

Manager: Stansfield

Scorer: Wearden (Sat) Greenhalgh (Sun)

Umpire: TBA

Meet LHCC 11.30

Saturday 3XI – East Lancs Away – cancelled

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