Weekend Update

In a slight change to Sunday’s Final fixture programme, The Brooks now hosts Lowerhouse 3s v Lowerhouse 4s
Lowerhouse CC  1st X1 still travel to play Colne 1st X1  start at the Horsefield
both fixtures are 40 overs with 1.0pm starts

The Lowerhouse the Club Bar & Tea Room will open from Noon

TV Action as follows:
Newcastle v Brighton 2.00pm

Chelsea V Liverpool 4.30pm
Leicester v Burnley 7.00pm

Just for clarification:
a) Do not visit Lowerhouse if you have any symptoms of Covid19
b) You are now required to leave your details for Track & Trace – you will not be served at the bar unless you comply
c) Groups must be of a maximum 6 persons outside, you must not mix outside your household inside
d) Spectators are reminded not to touch the ball
e) Bar Stocks are being wound down no not all our usuals may be available please be patient and respectful to staff