Lowerhouse World Cup Competition

The World Cup 2018 kicks off on Thursday 14th June as hosts Russia play Saudia Arabia at 4.00pm (CET)

The Final on Sunday 15th July takes place in Moscow at 4.00pm and will be the 64th game of the tournament.

Our Competition is simple and free to enter.

Retweet our entry tweet and you will be allocated a tie at random numbered 1 to 64.

Our Secretary “Air Miles” Frank Entwistle misses one of the fixtures (1 to 64) as he will be flying (fancy that). If your number corresponds with the game he misses, then you will have 5 free pints of JW Lees products waiting for you on Sunday 15th June at the club to savour during the World Cup Final!

(T & C’s – winner must collect in person – no transfer of prize – winner to be announced an hour before Frank misses the game)

Vincent Whittaker1059
Tracey Paul964
Suzanne Heap3063
Stuart Gaynor562
Stuart Burrows2661
Peter Smith860
Paul Stansfield1458
Paddy Martin157
Nick Hope2056
Mike Price2755
Matt Hope2154
Matt Donlan2453
John Palmer1552
John Dawson2351
Joe Martin1744
Joe Hawke1250
Jez Hope1949
Jason Cole3148
Gary Ingham747
Diane Waite2946
David Heaton1145
Dave Waddington1343
Dave Gardner2242
Darren Walters2541
Darrell Flood640
Claire Halstead339
Chris Horner238
Catherine Hargreaves2837
Bob Martland436
Ben Barnes1635
Adam Satar3234
Adam Hope1833