The 2023 cricket season is quickly approaching and your club is looking to partner with local businesses to provide sponsorship opportunities. This can include being an official partner, where the club and business work together to promote each other, as well as packages that can fit different needs and budgets.

Additionally, the club is offering incentives to members and friends who are able to help find valuable sponsorship for the club. This can be a great way to engage the community and find mutually beneficial partnerships for the club and local businesses.

Having over 16,000 followers on social media platforms can be a valuable asset for you as a business or individual. This large following can be leveraged to increase exposure and reach for a particular product or service. By including exposure on these social media platforms and on a website as part of a deal, we are able to offer additional value to potential partners by providing them with access to a sizable audience. 

Packages available are:

Sponsorship Boards

£300 for a single (12 foot by 4 foot supplied by us) board/banner for one year –  £450 for two years. We can now offer a multi-board/banner scheme (space allowing)with additional boards charged out at £200 per board.

If you find us a sponsor, for each one, we will give you £30 bar credit! Not only that, we will repeat this offer for each year that the sponsor renews!

You can either start the process below or by emailing

First XI Match Sponsorship

A match sponsorship package allows a firm or individual, exclusive access for as many people as they like to the sponsor’s area within our clubhouse, match day facilities include:

  • Private bar area
  • Free match entry
  • Food of your choosing
  • Free Newspapers
  • Free car parking
  • Sponsors name features prominently online and in social media prior to the game. Packages start for as little as £10 a person dependent upon your requirements.

Match Ball Sponsorship

The sponsors names will appear online and in social media before each game. For £30 the individual can choose a game that their ball is allocated too and they will receive £10 bar credit! You can buy below! We will arrange the game/date upon purchase.


If you are interested in any of the above or you have your own ideas, please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Stansfield on 07789958549 or email to discuss the possibilities!