The Lowerhouse All Time Hall of Fame

Thanks again to Paul Hargreaves who has put together a Hall of Fame for batsmen with over 3000 runs, bowlers with over 200 wickets and keepers with over 100 victims. Also thanks to Nigel Stockley from where Paul got this information with his brilliant website of historical data. Page last updated 03/09/2023

Lowerhouse Hall of Fame - Wicketkeeping

NameYears PlayedCatchesStumpingsTotal
Brian Higgin1962-199640660449
Joe Martin2009-Current30388391
Arthur Smalley1906-193325391344
Alf Veevers1930-194812543168
Andrew Chippendale1994-200311645161
Ian Wrigley1954-19739917116
Jack McGregor2005-20098628114

Lowerhouse Hall of Fame - Bowling

NameYears PlayedWickets
Tomy Shutt (P 1899 only)1893-19251000
Jez Hope1980-2009595
Alan Holden1974-1990513
Jonathan Finch2003-2022402
William Cook (P)1919-1922373
Paddy Martin2007-Current357
Ben Gregory (P)1898-1901352
Matt Hope1990-2022347
Jack Stott1961-1975345
Jim Minhas (P) & (A)1955-1966343
Billy Whittaker1895-1916333
Ernie Smith1933-1955319
Manny Martindale (P)1947-1950307
Francois Hassbroek (P) & (A)2011-Current303
Roger Bromley1975-1998302
Joe Hawke2005-Current302
Tommy Whittaker1892-1913290
Jim Milne (P) & (A)1934-1941288
Fred Webster (P)1927-1930285
Des Sparks (P) & (A)1967-1971263
Jimmy Amarnath (P)1977-1981263
Jonny Russell1998-2011242
A Pate1901-1919220
W Tolson (P) & (A)1909-1915217
K Tranter1940-1960216
JW Halstead1922-1931210
Silas Hardy (P)1894-1896205
Jack Salkeld1944-1962203
Edwin St Hill (P)1931-1933201

Lowerhouse Hall of Fame - Batting

NameYears PlayedRuns
Chris Bleazard1983-Current16894
Brian Higgin1962-19968108
Stan Heaton1975-20027939
Ben Heap2003-Current7870
Herbert Lawson1927-19496474
Charlie Cottam1996-Current5800
Phil Astin1971-19955092
Jonathan Finch2003-20224980
Joseph Cook1896-19164711
Tommy Shutt (P 1899 only)1893-19254687
Arthur Spencer1908-19324614
Maxie Mahmood1954-19664470
Billy Whittaker1895-19164313
Ken Tranter1940-19604182
Francois Haasbroek (P) & (A)2011-Current4159
Ernie Smith1933-19553989
Nick Hope1992-20053954
Jonathan Whitehead2010-20213847
Matt Walker1896-19223791
Joe Drabble1928-19573584
Walter Monk1944-19633496
Tommy Whittaker1892-19133451
Pankaj Tripathi1979-20053349
Arthur Burrows1930-19473301
JJ Elliot1895-19153241
Jim Minhas (P) & (A)1955-19663143
Rennie Holdsworth1941-19583043

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