The Lowerhouse Canteen

15th September 2019 Adam Hope 0

With the sad news of the Lowerhouse Canteen closing down last week after 99 years in business, Anne our historian has done some digging and we’d like to post about 

League Position by Year

28th August 2019 Adam Hope 0

Upon digitalising our History Books, I thought it would be beneficial visualising our League standings on each year of our existence. See graph below – along the top we have

1876: AGM Booklet

23rd August 2019 Adam Hope 0

Next in our quest of digitalising the archive is the AGM booklet from 1876. You can view previous submissions here  

1930: Helm Spencer Portrait

20th August 2019 Adam Hope 0

Clive Spencer was going through some old photograph scans that his grandmothers, brothers daughter(!) had sent and unearthed this gem. It is a very young looking Helm Spencer. Looks like a Studio

1953: The Club Rules

16th August 2019 Adam Hope 0

In our next addition to The History Books we have our “Cricket and Social Club rules” from 1953, with our trophy tally at that point, we were more a social

1875: AGM Booklet

14th August 2019 Adam Hope 0

Another blast from a far distant past today. We have the AGM booklet from 1875. This is the latest in our feature of digitalising the archive. You can find more

1874: AGM Booklet

8th August 2019 Adam Hope 0

Next, in our treasure trove of archive documents is the 1874 AGM booklet. In the last week we’ve featured booklets from 1869 and 1872. Todays is the booklet from 1874.

1872: AGM booklet

5th August 2019 Adam Hope 0

We posted last week the AGM booklet from 1969, a whopping 150 years ago. This week sees 3 years after that in 1872.  Some of our physical archive is in

1869: AGM booklet

31st July 2019 Adam Hope 0

We are in the process of digitalising our entire archive of physical documents. This is currently stored and looked after by Anne Cochrane – due to the age of these

New Photo Archive now live!

10th June 2019 Adam Hope 0

We are pleased to bring a new feature to the website, a proper photo archive! We stash away all of our nearly 22,000 photos but we can now say these