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Housecast is the podcast of Lowerhouse Cricket Club. It was conceived as an idea in late 2018, in a conversation between, Jez Hope, Joe Martin and Adam Hope.

Tales told at the club need to be cherished, remembered and enjoyed over a pint. This is part of what our club is about, we thought about getting these recorded and the idea for the podcast was born. After a dodgy start, recording the first episode in the West End Room, the podcast has gone from strength to strength. Weirdly, with the COVID19 pandemic, it gave us a chance to get together more (over Zoom) and invite the clubs characters. We have nearly 50 episodes now, which can be accessed below. Part way through our recording and editing, Gary Moorhouse and Joe Beneduce got involved, to bolster the team and Managing Director Matthew Stansfield joins us when he can be bothered.

A lot of effort goes into editing the podcast, with all of the team (except Jez because computers aren’t his forte) having a go at editing episodes, so it’s great to hear such great feedback, when we get it.

If you have any ideas for the show or want to take part, email us at or get in contact on Twitter @housecastpod

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Ps: If you are down the club at any point, please feel free to knock on the West End Room door and check up on Joe Martin, he may even make you a cup of tea.