2016 Preview: 5 minutes with Blez!

We’re continuing our chats with players and supporters alike – today is Mr Blez…

Who is your favourite all time Lowerhouse Amateur and why?

Best team: 2005 League Winners. Finch, Vishal, Charlie, Trip, Captain Joe, Jonny, Benbow, Matt Hope, Jack  McGregor, Benjo. (pity Jez retired after 2004 Worsley Cup win)

Who is your favourite all time Lowerhouse Pro and why?

Andrew Macdonald. From game 1 was the model professional. Had the ability to adapt to every game situation and more importantly weather and ground condition. Had the the best cricket brain and knew how to communicate his ideas to lesser mortals.
Ryan Harris. His ability with bat, ball and in the field were outstanding. He had the heart of a lion and his passion for winning had a great influence in future years. Most of the younger players learned to view success as a by product of giving every ounce of effort, irrespective of your ability.

What was your favourite game of the 2015 Season?

If you ignore the obvious choice, Burnley at home, then the tied game away at Church was a great game. Lavers virtually winning the game, then Dom coming in last ball to get the two needed for the tie.

What are your predictions for 2016?

We have a team capable of winning games in every tournament. Would settle for competing in at least one on the last day of the competition.

What do you miss most about cricket in the winter?

Playing with great friends and seeing new talent given a chance to shine.

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