Good Friday – All the details

GOOD FRIDAY – All the info – CRICKET & BAND – APRIL 14

Entries are now closed for the Annual Jack Heyes Memorial Trophy 2017

The Draw for the group stages is below
The event this Friday 14th April 2017 , with the bar and tea room open features cricket commencing at 10.00am with the winner’s walking away with Jack Hayes Memorial Trophy

It promises to be yet another fun packed day for all the family with entertainment, games and prizes to be won and food / drink through the day.

Just a reminder – Local Rock Band Aspire take the stage at Lowerhouse at 4.00pm entry is FREE and HAPPY 2 hours runs 4pm-6pm will all draught beers, lagers & ciders at £2.00

The Draw

There are two groups of three each team in each group will play each other and It will be run on a league basis.

Group A

  1. 10cc
  2. Thundering 4skins
  3. Two Pints of lager & a packet of Crisps

Group B

  1. Rob’s Army
  2. LHCC Odd’s & Sod’s
  3. Dugdale Arms


Group A

  1. 10.00am 1 v 3 (10cc v Two Pints of lager & a packet of Crisps)
  2. 11.30am 3 v 2 (Two Pints of lager & a packet of Crisps v Thundering 4skins)
  3. 1.00 pm 2 v 1 (Thundering 4skins v 10cc)

Group B

  1. 10.00am 5 v 6 (LHCC Odd’s & Sod’s v Dugdale Arm’s)
  2. 11.30am 6 v 4 (Dugdale Arm’s V Rob’s Army)
  3. 1.00pm 4 v 5 Rob’s Army v LHCC Odd’s & Sod’s)

Final 2.30pm

Winner Group A v Winner Group B

  • The first game will start around 10 am and the final should be over by around 3.45 pm.
  • Even in inclement weather we will try and play a tournament style competition.
  • We will be in the hands of the curator bearing in mind the start recent poor weather and potential damage to the pitch.
  • If no type of game is possible we will certainly have a bowl out or similar to determine a winner.
  • This will be discussed nearer the event and if it’s non-stop rain we will ring the captains and arranging a later start for the bowl out then retire to the bar.


  • Each team is to consist of 10 players
  • The rules will be;
  • Each player must bowl one six ball over each.
  • Batting in pairs for 2 over’s per pair, with each individual batter facing one full over (if a single/three is run the batter who faced that ball faces the next). Each time a batter is out the team loses six runs.
  • If there are two teams, winning two games in the same league, the team scoring the most total runs would be the league winners.
  • If they have scored the same amount of runs the team least amount of total wickets would win the league.
  • If this is the same the team scoring the most 4’s in total would win the league.
  • If this is the same, the team who have bowled the most batsmen would win the league.
  • If it’s still a draw well blow me down with a feather.