Most Appearances

This page was last updated on 18/12/2019

This shows the most appearances for Lowerhouse in Lancashire League Matches

(Showing all players with 200+)

Most Appearances in Lancashire League Matches

804CJ Bleazard
581BJ Higgin
482SAM Heaton
448J Hope
427CR Cottam
413H Lawson
409A Smalley
403A Spencer
401T Shutt
387J Cook
381MD Hope
376MJ Walker
368PJ Astin
331A Holden
326E Smith
321K Tranter
316BR Heap
302JJ Elliott
274G Bridge
274TW Whittaker
273PTBM Martin
270J Beneduce
258W Whittaker
255J Martin
250JR Stott
246JA Finch
242W Monk
232R Bromley
232J Drabble
231NG Hope
226R Holdsworth
225G Green
225D Whalley
223J Salkeld
223P Tripathi
217JL Devon
217JM Hawke
215A Burrows
213A Veevers
212M Mahmood
206JJ Russell
201FM Entwistle