Lowerhouse Professionals by Year

Name and CountryYear Played
J. Madden and W. Priestley1892
J. Goodband and J. Soult1893
Silas Hardy and J.H. Brown1894
Silas Hardy and A. Berry1895
Silas Hardy and A. Berry1896
G. Porter and J. Lilley1897
B. Gregory and A. Wardle1898
B. Gregory and T. Shutt1899
B. Gregory1900
B. Gregory1901
T. Poole1902
E. Vost1903
E. Vost1904
E. Vost1905
J. Pennington1906
H. Anthony1907
H. Anthony1908
W. Tolson1909
W. Tolson1910
W. Tolson1911
W. Lees1912
R. Harrison1913
J.H. Atherton1914
G.H. Wilson1915
Billy Cook1919
Billy Cook1920
Billy Cook1921
Billy Cook1922
J.A. Cuffe Australia1923
J.A. Cuffe Australia1924
C.P. Carter South Africa1925
C.P. Carter South Africa1926
F. Webster1927
F. Webster1928
F. Webster1929
Helm Spencer1930
Edwin St Hill West Indies1931
Edwin St Hill West Indies1932
Edwin St Hill West Indies1933
J.R. Milne1934
J.R. Milne1935
Dick Tyldesley1936
Len Parkinson1937
Fred Root1938
Fred Root1939
N. Spencer1945
A. Vickers1946
Manny Martindale West Indies1947
Manny Martindale West Indies1948
Manny Martindale West Indies1949
Manny Martindale West Indies1950
Roy Marshall West Indies1951
Roy Marshall West Indies1952
Khan Mohammed Pakistan1953
Khan Mohammed Pakistan1954
Khalid Qureshi Pakistan1955
Bill Holt1956
Bill Holt1957
Shrirang Sohoni India1958
Bob Bartells Ceylon1959
Safdar Minhas Pakistan1960
Safdar Minhas Pakistan1961
Basil Butcher West Indies1962
Pascall Roberts West Indies1963
Roy Gilchrist West Indies1964
Pascall Roberts West Indies1965
Roy Collins1966
Roy Collins1967
Roy Collins1968
Des Sparks South Africa1969
Des Sparks South Africa1970
Des Sparks South Africa1971
Duncan Carter West Indies1972
Duncan Carter West Indies1973
Tony Benneworth Australia1974
Bob Lanchbury1975
Colin Milburn1976
Mohinder Armanath India1977
Mohinder Armanath India1978
Nasim Ul Ghani Pakistan1979
Mohinder Armanath India1980
Mohinder Armanath India1981
Evan Gray New Zealand1982
Kirti Azad India1983
Kirti Azad India1984
Kirti Azad India1985
Tony Dodemaide Australia1986
Tom Hogan Australia1987
Manzoor Elahi Pakistan1988
Manzoor Elahi Pakistan1989
Delroy Morgan West Indies1990
Manoj Prabhakar India1991
Cameron Williamson Australia1992
Cameron Williamson Australia1993
Craig Light South Africa1994
Shaun Flegler Australia1995
Shaun Flegler Australia1996
Corrie Jordaan South Africa1997
Matthew Mott - Australia1998
Martin Van Jaarsveld - South Africa1999
Martin Van Jaarsveld - South Africa2000
Jon Kent - South Africa2001
Jacques Rudolph - South Africa2002
Ryan Harris - Australia2003
Peter Fulton -  New Zealand2004
Andrew McDonald - Australia2005
Ryan Harris - Australia2006
Aaron O’Brien Australia2007
Brendan Drew - Australia2008
Ian Butler/Various - New Zealand2009
Aaron Heal - Australia2010
Francois Haasbroek - South Africa2011
Francois Haasbroek - South Africa2012
Francois Haasbroek - South Africa2013
Cobus Pienaar - South Africa2014
Cobus Pienaar - South Africa2015
Dieter Klein - South Africa2016
Ockert Erasmus - South Africa2017
Ockert Erasmus - South Africa2018
Ockert Erasmus - South Africa2019
Obus PIenaar - Did not arrive due to COVID192020
Stephen Parry - England2021
Stephen Parry - England2022
Ruan De Swardt - South Africa2023
Daniel Slapietro - Australia2024

Professional Player Numbers (ordered by date played)

Professional NumberProfessional
1J. Madden
2W Priestley
3J. Goodband
4J. Soult
5Silas Hardy
6J. H. Brown
7A. Berry
8G. Porter
9J. Lilley
10B. Gregory
11A. Wardle
12T. Shutt
13T. Poole
14E. Vost
15J. Pennington
16H. Anthony
17W. Tolson
18W. Lees
19R. Harrison
20J.H. Atherton
21G.H. Wilson
22Billy Cook
23J.A. Cuffe
24C.P. Carter
25F. Webster
26Helm Spencer
27Edwin St Hill
28J.R. Milne
29Dick Tyldesley
30Len Parkinson
31Fred Root
32N. Spencer
33A. Vickers
34Manny Martindale
35Roy Marshall
36Khan Mohammed
37Khalid Qureshi
38Bill Holt
39Shrirang Sohoni
40Bob Bartells Ceylon
41Safdar Minhas
42Basil Butcher
43Pascall Roberts
44Roy Gilchrist
45Roy Collins
46Des Sparks
47Duncan Carter
48Tony Benneworth
49Bob Lanchbury
50Colin Milburn
51Mohinder Armanath
52Nasim Ul Ghani
53Evan Gray
54Kirti Azad
55Tony Dodemaide
56Tom Hogan
57Manzoor Elahi
58Delroy Morgan
59Manoj Prabhakar
60Cameron Williamson
61Craig Light
62Shaun Flegler
63Corrie Jordaan
64Matthew Mott
65Martin Van Jaarsveld
66Jon Kent 
67Jacques Rudolph 
68Ryan Harris  
69Peter Fulton  
70Andrew McDonald
71Aaron O’Brien
72Brendan Drew 
73Ian Butler/Various 
74Aaron Heal 
75Francois Haasbroek 
76Cobus Pienaar
77Dieter Klein
78Ockert Erasmus 
79Stephen Parry
80Ruan De Swardt
81Daniel Salpietro