Sign up to the Heritage Project – Let’s get to number 1!

Please follow the link below and sign the pledge of support for the Lancashire League Experience: celebrating 125 Years of the Lancashire Cricket League, a unique opportunity to tell the unique story of the ordinary men and women who have nurtured and ensured the survival of the League Clubs for this extraordinary length of time, and to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

We are currently mid table in terms of sign ups with Colne leading the way with 80.

Parents please add juniors too. Please also sign up  any supporters in your family or friends who do not use social media and won’t see this appeal.

You are only pledging support, for example that you will look at the exhibition.  However, if you or your family have memories to share, whether they be of previous generations or new memories watching your boys and girls enjoy cricket, we hope you will get involved.

Expats over there can sign up too, and share their experiences and memories.

Particularly, if you have appreciated Nigel Stockley’s hard work with the Lancashire League website over the years, please sign up to support him in this project. We want the most sign ups in the league. We have the capability to do this!


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