Senior & Junior Match Reports – 15th August 2012


Rawtenstall 2XI 168 all out            LHCC 2XI 172 – 1

Joe Beneduce 4- 15        Jack Edgar 81*
Dec Bailey 30*
Mickey Lee 2-27             Phil Haggerty 24
Scott Hope 2- 61

Now unbeaten in 11 with 9 wins , and with a surfeit of players , the 2s are launching a real bid for honours this season and are within 1 win of being table toppers. In this game the strength of the victory was denoted by the fact that there were still 19 overs remaining when the total was passed. Former Lowerhouse junior Sam Excell was the mainstay of the Rawtenstall innings with 106 not out having opened the innings.


Rawtenstall u15 100-2      Lowerhouse u15 Sharks 108-1

James Stackhouse 2-14                Harry Spark 51*
Liam Heaton 20
Matt Locke 16*

A comfortable victory showing the strength in depth.

LHCC U15 Dolphins 119-7          Accrington 120 -4

Jake Seddon 48                                  Jake Seddon 3-37
Harry Spark 26
James Wheatcroft 12

A top of the table clash described as the best game seen for years. Accrington won the game with a much needed 6 off the penultimate bowl.

LHCC U15 Barracudas 65-5        LHCC U15 Dolphins 66-0

Joe Halstead 30*                            Alex Claridge Ingham 3-10
Joey Stein 32*
Adam Stubbs 23*

The younger Barracudas batted manfully to out up a score in their 16 overs. Well-done to 12 year old Joe Halstead who retired on 30.

LHCC U15 Barracudas 108-5        Rishton u15 -109 – 5

Harrison Smith 50*                           Sam Wright 3-12
Harry Wheatcroft 22

Congratulations to Harrison Smith on his maiden 50 for the club.

Rishton u13 (1) 251- 3                                         LHCC U13 Lions 321 -2

Christian – Butschok – Brain 2-14      Christian – Butschok – Brain 32
Jack Moodie 31*
Harry Wheatcroft 17*
Danny Faulkner 13*
Ross Birchall 13*

A monumental score with some of the biggest individual scores seen for some time.

LHCC U13 Tigers 282-2              East Lancs u13 (2) 281 -1

Ethan Laraway 22*
Oscar Coates 20*
Charlie Bithell 14*
Georgia Clough 12*

After a good batting display the B team contrived to create a panicky climax with some poor later bowling. With 9 needed off the last over and a couple of thick edges bringing the total down to 6 off 3 , cool headed Georgia clough bowled tightly to give a 1 run victory.

Darwen u11 213 -5       LHCC u11 Bears 273-4

Josh Moodie 21
Henri Wilkes 18*

Ben Woodall 14*

An outstanding display and a welcome back to cricket for Josh Moodie following his injury.

East Lancs u11 205- 10             LHCC U11 263 -2

Dylan du Toit 4-15                      Josh Moodie 16
Caleb Greenhalgh 2 -1               Dylan du Toit 11*
Kheiro Chir 2-5                            Ben Woodall 11*

Despite bowling an unacceptable 30 wides and no balls the team managed to hit the wickets and score the runs to give them a big win.

LHCC U11 Bears 275-3               Longridge u11 (1) 256 – 7

Caleb Greenhalgh 24                   Josh Moodie 2-14
Ben Woodall 15*
Josh Moodie 15
Emily Herbert 10*

A high scoring game on a good batting track. The standard was set for the batting when Caleb Greenhalgh took 16 off the terrifyingly quick opening bowler’s first over with drives and glances.

Ramsbottom u9 215-5                  LHCC u9 258-1

Aman Singh 14*
Jack Spence 13*

Famous last words but in recent games the penny seems to have dropped that not losing wickets is the way to success.

LHCC 9s 231-5             Haslingden u9 215-8

Usman Arshad 13*        Daniel Maymond 2-5

4 of the younger players were selected for this match with under 7 Daniel Maymond getting 2 wickets on his debut and under 7 Owen Bradley getting 1* on his debut.

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