A look back whilst looking forward – Joe Martin

Paul and Adam split the questions again to quiz the man behind the stumps, Joe Martin

1. You were part of the Worsley Cup run in 2018 and also made a comeback as a front line batsmen, making a maiden Lancs League century. What will be the lasting memory of last season?

I think the Worsley Cup Final win will live long in the memory. It was an incredible day to be involved in. The way game ebbed and flowed made it a real spectacle for everyone. There are a few highlights from the day; Finchy’s catch, Charlie’s Man of the Match performance and Blez and Hawke finishing it off at the end were probably my favourite memories.

2. With Jonny’s imminent return surely you can’t be banished to No 11 again?

It’s fantastic to have Jonny back in the team, he adds real depth to the squad and he can win a game on his own. In terms of my batting, I will bat wherever Ben needs me to. I am more than happy just wicketkeeping and looking after that side of my game.

3. I would guess you’re still pounding those pavements? but what other sports keep you active when you’ve hung the gloves up for another season?

The off season gives me a chance to do more long runs and I have taken part in some races this year with Finch for Red Rose Runners so that has kept me competitive during the winter. Running is the only sport apart from cricket I take part in now and it takes up quite a bit of my time during the week, so that’s enough at the minute.

4. Are you looking forward to having Ocki back? and is it difficult keeping to different sub-pro’s who you’ve seen little of?

It’s always great having Ocki back playing with us. Since he arrived, we have worked together on his batting and my wicketkeeping so we spend a lot of time together during the season. I would class Ocki and his family as my good friends now and he still worked with me after his injury which I was extremely thankful for. He gives us consistency so you can always rely on him. Each sub-pro provides a different challenge and it can be difficult, but I am confident in the wicketkeeping work I do during the week to make sure I’m prepared.

5. What do you think would constitute a successful season for Lowerhouse in 2019?

I think a good season for Lowerhouse will be competing on all fronts. However, I think pushing for the League is something I always look forward to, so hopefully we can be consistent and go for the league again.

6. Tell me a little about the dressing room chat and dynamics of the side. There a lot of big personalities and good players , who are the natural leaders and who tend to follow?

I think the good thing about this team is that we are quite experienced now and everyone knows their role . There are natural leaders in the team like Blez, Charlie, Ben, Frankie and Paddy, but whilst they may be more vocal than others, everyone leads in their own way.

7. Who is the best amateur batsman you’ve played against?

I would say Graham Lloyd. I know he played international cricket, but was an amateur when he played at Accrington. His ability against spin was probably the best I have seen.

8. Who is the best amateur bowler you’ve faced?

The best amateur bowler I have faced is Jon Fielding. He is extremely accurate and hard to get away. We always seem to have close games against Rammy and he usually plays an integral part.

9. You have seen players, captains and Pros come and go over the last 7/8 years how do you think the side has settled since Charlie gave up the captaincy?

After Charlie’s immensely successful tenure, there was always going to be a period of transition for us. He was a great captain and is still a great player. I think the team have settled now and are comfortable. Last year provided evidence of the team we can be and hopefully we can push for honours again this year.

10. And finally you’ve played 233 league games now , that’s a fair amount. Do you have ambitions to be a captain or gain a leadership role at the club?

It is quite a lot of games, I don’t think I’ve missed a game for quite some time now, which is quite pleasing. I don’t really see me taking on the captaincy to be honest, it’s not something I envisage doing.

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