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Many thanks to John Curran, Neil Whalley, Jean Hay, Michael Hillam and Jennifer Halstead for their donations to the junior section during the season
Many thanks to all who attended the presentation afternoon last Sunday
The final league tables for the Lancashire Junior League have been published and are available on play cricket.
The results for our teams are as follows:
  • U9 Div. 1 West – LHCC Eric Haworth 9(1) Hornets – 6/9
  • U9 Div. 3 West – LHCC Eric Haworth 9(2) Bees – Champions
  • U11 Div. 1 West – LHCC 11 (1) Bears – joint runners up and cup runners up
  • U11 Div. 2 West – LHCC 11 (2) Cubs – 6/8
  • U11 Div. 3 West – LHCC 11 (3) Koalas – 7/8
  • U13 Div. 1 full (11 aside) – LHCC 13 (full) Panthers 5/8
  • U13 Div. 1 East – LHCC 13 (1) Lions – champions
  • U13 Div. 1 East – LHCC 13 (2) Tigers- 6/7
  • U13 Div. 2 East – LHCC 13 (3) Cougars 7/7
  • U15 Central Div. – LHCC 15 (1) Sharks – champions
  • U15 West Div. – LHCC 15 (2) Dolphins – 5/6
  • U18 West Div 1 – LHCC 18 – champions
Whist we do not measure success by the final position in the table it was especially pleasing to see the Bees win their league. This is the first time that our B team has won a division. Although this was the 3rd division, the Bees are made of players who are Under 9 and playing competitive cricket for the first time. The 13 strong squad featured 4 players aged 7 and one player aged 6.
Chloe Brennand (9) represented the County at u11
The Under 11s Bears had a successful season with five players aged 10 and eligible for next season. Oscar Jackson made the county Under 10 team
The Under 13s had Hasan Sadaqat, Sonny Whittaker and Dawud Nadeem play for the Fourth Eleven with Dawud Nadeem playing for the Fourth Eleven, Third Eleven and selected for the Second Eleven too.
The Under 13s Tigers had to compete in the top division and acquitted themselves very well whilst the Cougars had to compete against five first teams in their league. Like the 11 Cubs and Koalas and 15 dolphins, these development teams will always face tough opponents in the form of first teams.
For logistical reasons the Under 15 league was split geographically with 3 Divisions. Whist the Sharks were in one division, the Dolphins were in another a playing entirely against other first elevens at that age group
The Under 18s season was badly hit by the weather but the team won the 3 games it played.
All junior sections start at the first level and we were delighted to see over 60 all stars and dynamos participate in the programme throughout the season. We are equally delighted that 17 of those youngsters have subsequently started in the junior squad training programme.
Inter League
The following players represented the LJCL age group teams in the county competition
Under 11
Will Fallows
Seth finch
Oscar Jackson
Jack Kerr
Theo leach
Under 12
Joe Clark
Josh nelson
Under 13
Dawud Nadeem
Under 14
Zaryab Ayaz
Under 15
Isa Nadeem
Under 18
Henri Cottam
Joel Sharpe
Tom Yorke- Robinson
Junior training has commenced with the all-stars and dynamo graduates put through their initiation training during the Christmas holidays. Squad training has now commenced for the above and those largely in the Under 9-11 age group.

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