Great success – "Mission to Find Minhas"

As stated in a post previously this week, ex Lowerhouse Professional and amateur Jim Minhas’ son has been in touch to try to find some old photos of his Dad playing in England. Jim also had a stint at Todmorden as professional. Naturally, our archive team (notable Anne Cochrane) got to work and found quite a few great photos (which have been posted this week and are available on the History Books page).
Shariq wanted to extend how happy he was with the finds and can’t wait to show them Jim, his dad and his family. Jim is now 87 not out and Shariq has returned the favour and sent some photos which he wanted us to share.
Shariq said: “Here are some pictures of Dad in Karachi on his 87th birthday last month, and on a trip to visit his grand-kids in San Francisco in 2015. In the pics are his wife Mary, daughter Shandana, daughter-in-law Helen, grand-kids Ryan, May, Kamil, Hamza, and V.”
I’d like to extend thanks on behalf of the club to all those who have rallied around to find things, including Brian Heywood, Andrew & Neville Sutcliffe of Todmorden CC and Nigel Stockley.
If you would like to get in touch with Jim, please email
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