House & Burnley To Merge

Lowerhouse CC and Burnley CC can reveal that they are in advanced talks about a merger that will see the formation of Lowerley CC for the 2014 season.

Stan Heaton cricket chairman commented “We sort of get on better now than we ever have done and felt it a perfect time to merge operations. There will be significant costs savings with one pro, one roller and the use of Burnleys newly painted sightscreens. Also a deal has been agreed with the council for them to buy Burnleys Turf Moor ground and turn into an out of town 99p and pound shop shopping arcade”.

Burnley Chairman Michael Brown commented “with Lowerhouses 4 senior teams, our 3 and about 30 junior teams between us we will need some space so a deal has been agreed to buy the park adjacent to the Lowerhouse ground to create a second pitch. This smaller pitch might mean Joe Beneduce can hit sixes again like he used to”.

Stan Heaton commented further “it’s ok though cos I’ll be in charge”, Michael said “No you won’t I will be” to which Stan replied “Whatever”.

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