Lowerhouse History: Did you know? Part 6

A spot of bother

From Minutes of LHCC Committee meeting 17/10/1934

Resolved that the club pays the bill for damage done by the players to Wright’s chara whilst on their picnic. Damage 12 shillings 6 pence, cost of chara £6/8/0.”

(Picnic – end of season jolly, to Blackpool. Chara = a motor coach.)

The following year the committee spent a month debating how to make sure it didn’t happen again:

20th August 1935: Resolved that the club stands the cost of railway saloon fares to Blackpool …for the players’ picnic on Sat Sept 14th 1935 and that the Secretary, Chairman and Messrs. Redman and Constantine meet the players …and have a chat re discipline.

27th August 1935: Resolved that we arrange with Messrs. Althams Ltd. for a saloon for the picnic on Sept 14th and that the committee have a joint picnic with the players.

3rd September 1935: Resolved that we try to get a late return train on Sept 28th for the picnic, failing that we will try and send the players by chara on the 14th Sept.

17th September 1935: Resolved that the committee receive 5 shillings per head for their picnic (all those that goes to Blackpool) on 28th September.

And that’s the last of it, so whether they went separately or under the watchful eye of the committee, the players must have behaved themselves, at least on the train or chara.


A very quick pint at lunchtime:

23rd April 1935        Resolved that the club opening hours be : Weekdays open at 12 o’clock to 12.30, and 2.30 to 10.30 p.m.  Good Friday and Christmas Day as local hours permit. ”

(Note: But Never on Sunday)

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