Lowerhouse History: Did you know? Part 8

Keep Focused and Carry On:

Lancashire League committee meeting minutes 26 April 1944

“In the event of the invasion of the continent by the Allied Forces, the President asked that all the Clubs should make every effort to fulfil their fixtures.”

Hit for six – or possibly not.

Until the 1970s a ball which cleared the boundary was only a 6 if the hit was considered far enough and the club had applied for approval before the season started, otherwise it was 4.

So in the 1930s, a hit which cleared the boundary anywhere on Burnley, Nelson and Church was six, if it cleared the boundary at East Lancs. on the bowling green side it was 4, but six on the other sides. They were the only ones approved for sixes.

In the 1940s they added “Colne count six on the eastern and western ends of the ground but the bowling green at the east end to be completely cleared. “

By 1965 Ramsbottom had been added on all sides and “Lowerhouse on the Lowerhouse Lane and Liverpool Road sides”. By the mid 70s a hit which cleared the boundary was a six on all sides of all grounds.

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