Lowerhouse Live – Matches live on our website by Drone footage.

Lowerhouse Cricket Club are proud to announce that they will be the first cricket club in England to live stream all home matches on lowerhousecc.com through new drone video technology. This, in line with CricHQ will make a 360 experience so people can watch the game without leaving the bar, dressing room or even their house.
We have tried to initiate something like this before with a GoPro but Jez Hopes’ arms got tired from trying to keep the pole it was attached to in the air, we also tried to attach it to Joe Martins cap, but every time he caught the ball it fell off.
The drone will be operated by a special pilot, who has clearance to fly from the Civil Aviation Authority and isn’t allowed to operate under the influence of alcohol – we are looking to recruit internally for this position.
Secretary Frank Entwistle said: “This is ground/air breaking. We won’t need to worry about putting Rusty on the gates as more and more people can watch from the comfort of their front room and we can still count them as visitors, we might even get a record gate if it goes viral”
Below is a test we did last season in an Under 15s match, but the other team forgot to turn up.

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