"My favourite season.." -A hunt for winter website content!

This website wouldn’t be half as good as it is (blowing our own trumpet) without articles, photos and videos from our fans and avid followers. 

I think its only right we give a shout out to those who keep the site alive by providing such stuff, so here it goes.

Thanks to:

  • Bob Sandiford for the amazing photography and videos
  • Bryn Barnes for the great action shots in the season
  • Keith ‘Hawkeye’ Hawke for his knack of capturing wickets
  • Paul Hargreaves for his exceptional write ups recently aand bringing history to life
  • Anne Cochrane for her delves into the Lowerhouse archive and telling stories that I never knew existed
  • Stan Heaton for his weekly sermons
  • Frank Entwistle for his relentless email and match updates

Throughout the winter we want to keep the site going with interesting and relevant stuff. So we’d like to launch a topic for the winter “My favourite season..” all we want is a few paragraphs of what was your favourite season and why?

If your up for it, simply email it to adam@lowerhousecc.com and we will gladly post it!

Alternatively as always if you have anything else that you want covering on the site, please get it contact!

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