Questions for the new Vice Captain – Paddy Martin

We are pleased to announce that Paddy Martin is the new First Team Vice Captain. Paddy has played 251 times in league matches for the club and is the 23rd most capped Lowerhouse player ever.

It’s only fair that after pestering his younger brother, Lowerhouses’ King of Spin gets his time in the limelight.

Adam and Paul asked Paddy Martin some questions:

1. How do you think looking back 2018 went for you personally? And how would you compare the Worsley Cup win with the other trophy wins you’ve been associated with?

It was a fantastic season for the club.From a personal point of view, I felt it was a decent season. It is always nice to contribute to winning the odd game, which is something pretty much everyone in the side did last season. I would probably say that it was my favourite trophy win, the whole day was a great showpiece for the club in so many ways. It was the biggest final the league has ever seen, and that is credit to both clubs. Being able to do it with people I have played my whole cricket life with is something which was very special. I was in the scorebox for the 2004 final, and seeing Charlie and Blez performing on the same stage was fantastic.

2. You’re known as a good cricket coach. Is that something you’re still involved with in winter ?and how do you keep yourself fit between seasons? 
Yes, I still do plenty of coaching over the winter and is something I am really passionate about. We have had junior training on Friday nights, which is run by Stan. It is really enjoyable still seeing how much passion Stan still has for coaching after all his efforts. Fitness wise I play football for Belvedere, which helps to keep me fit. The only downside is that I have had to spend my Saturdays listening to Ben Uttley who plays as well, which is hard work.
3. In a weaker team you’d probably get more overs in and bat a little higher. Is it great to be in a strong team or is it sometimes frustrating when you sometimes have to take a back seat? 
Being in a strong team is great. You know that when you get the opportunity in a game, you have to take it. It keeps the pressure on you to still practice hard and perform well.
4.I’m sure you’ll again be moving up the Lowerhouse bowling Hall of Fame list. How far up that list do you think you might end up one day? 
As long as I don’t get overtaken at any point by Frankie I will be quite happy! I’m proud of where I am on it now, so anything else is just a bonus, there is some great names on it.
5. Are you expecting a much tougher campaign in Division 1 this year given you’ll have to play the likes of Walsden, Darwen, Burnley and Ramsbottom home and away? 
Absolutely. Each year gets tougher with people strengthening amateur and pro wise. The standard in Division 1 will be really strong, and something I am looking forward to us testing ourselves and competing.
6. Charlie Cottam was the most successful captain in Lowerhouse’s history what are the main differences between playing under him and under Ben? #
Both have their own styles, and some similarities – both like to lead from the front. Charlie was the only captain that I have played under at 1st team level, so I have an infinite amount of respect for him – the job he did was outstanding. I’ve played cricket with Ben for a long while, he is doing a fantastic job for the club, as you could see from last season’s performances.
7. Do you have any ambitions to go Pro-ing like many have done or get experiences elsewhere? 
Not really, I enjoy playing for and representing Lowerhouse. It means a lot to play every week with my brother and people I have always played with, it makes it much more enjoyable to be a part of when it is like that.
8. How was it having Francois back last year ? I’m interested to know how the dynamics work with lots of good players and lots of experience in the side?
Luckily, I sit at the opposite end of the changing room. That means that it’s easier for no one to see me with my headphones in once he has started one of his long, theory laden speeches. He was great to have back, and performed exceptionally well in some tough situations. The experience is great to tap in to for the younger players. The experience and ability of the players could be a sticking point with ego’s etc. but with us having played so much cricket together it never really does.
9. At the moment do you see yourself as someone who will play into there forty’s or do you think you may look for another hobby sooner rather than later? 
I think I will certainly try. The next crop of players coming through are players that I have coached from a young age. Being able to play alongside them is something that I am really looking forward to. Plus I only run in off 6 steps so it’s not too taxing!
10. What are your thoughts on your recent appointment as Vice Captain? 
Very excited and really proud to take the role on. It is something I am looking forward to doing, putting a few ideas forward to Ben and taking on more responsibility. Hopefully Ben doesn’t miss any games, as deciding which of Frankie’s 35 theories a game to listen to may be difficult, and then controlling Ben Uttley for 50 overs doesn’t bear thinking about.

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