Opening Up Session at Rammy

We support Opening Up the charity that Promotes Mental Wellbeing & Suicide Prevention Through Cricket.

Ramsbottom Cricket Club are hosting a session which will be focused on mental health from a coaches perspective, specifically how to promote positive mental health within teams and how to work with players experiencing mental health problems/mental illness. It is suitable for coaches of all age groups and will provide some really good learning to help the club.

What it entails:

A practical and interactive session focused on two aspects of mental health awareness in the session

  1. Dealing with mental illness
  2. Promotion of positive mental health in cricket

To do this, the following topics are explored

  • Defining mental health
  • The importance to cricket
  • How to challenge the stigma of mental illness
  • How to spot the signs of declining mental health
  • How to have appropriate conversations
  • Where to signpost players to for specialist help
  • The coaches role in promoting wellbeing
  • How to promote mental health positively
  • Developing a plan for coaches to embed wellbeing into their work

The session lasts approximately 90 minutes and is delivered free of charge to groups thanks to National Lottery Funding. This workshop is cricket specific and suitable for all coaches, captains or leaders in clubs.

Anyone interested, more information here

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