Sad News – Passing of former players

We are sorry to announce the passing of two former players.

Local lad Brian Tracey has passed away at home in Australia. Brian lived on Kiddrow Lane and was a third eleven player in the late 70s early 80s before emigrating to Ireland and then Australia. Brian continued to follow the club from his home near Perth and was part of a small group of Clarets and Lowerhouse supporters in the area including the late John Spencer and current member Neil Taylor. Brian returned to England periodically and had many old pals in the town including myself and former players Roger Bromley, John Wilkinson and Gordon Kilburn

Brian Gee was well known throughout sporting circles and strongly linked to the club both as a former player and through his children Sue and Ian and grandson and top Lowerhouse player, Matt Walker. Brian was an infectious character. As a cricketer with Lowerhouse, Lucas and BGSOB, Brian was a bludgeoning batsman, well remembered for smiting a lusty 70 at Church for the 2s. He was a larger than life character with a ready wit and I am indebted to Mick Binns for the following tale. Whilst playing for the old boys Brian was at the crease with a well -spoken and eloquent batting partner who had a most refined accent. Said player hit the ball into the covers, called “ WAIT “ only to be confronted by Brian charging down the wicket for a single.  Said player panicked and left his crease and was run out. He screamed at Brian “I said WAIT “. Brian replied “Sorry I thought you said “REET “. Said plummy player replied “I’ve never said reet in my life “.

The club sends its deepest sympathies to both families.

Stan Heaton

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