We asked Dan and JP a few questions, it was only right we got their right hand man involved…

 When did you first start supporting the club and why?

A mate kept telling me I should get myself on there, having lived in the area for the last 25 years it was probably time I did so in 2011 I went on a pre season game and have been hooked ever since.  Everyone at the club is very welcoming so if you live in the local area I recommend you have a look on and support The House

·         What was your favourite Lowerhouse game you have witnessed?

There’s been a few even in my short time as a supporter but I’d have to say the annihilation of Ramsbottom in the T20 final, I certainly didn’t expect that against a team that had won the trophy for the last 3 years

·         What has been your favourite thing to happen at the club (non cricket!)

Probably after the T20 final and later Francois and Mark Whitehead playing the guitar and a few of us having a drunken sing song

·         What are your hopes for Lowerhouse for the future?

Carry on what we’ve been doing on the playing side and improve facilities when and where appropriate

·         Do you have any pre game rituals?

15 minutes doing my hair, quick splash of aftershave and I’m ready for the day ahead

·         What do you do to keep yourself busy in the winter?

Watch a lot of sport on tv and try to get up The Lakes climbing big hills as often as I can (not much with our weather)

·         How will we do this season?

I think we’ll definitely be challenging in all competitions and have full confidence in the players