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Some missing results and end of season League positions to complete the season

LHCC U15 Barracudas 102 – 7            Nelson u15 (8s) 62-6

Yousaf Nadeem 28                                Yousaf Nadeem 4-1

Kheiro Chir 24

LHCC U13 Lions 337 – 2                            Rawtenstall u13 188-10

Keagan de Vries 36*                                            Joel Sharpe 2-7

Rory Cormack 20*                                              Aden Aurangzeb 2-9

Dec Metcalfe 17*                                                Henri Cottam 2-14

Joel Sharpe 16*

Aden Aurangzeb 15*

Kerry Gibbins 14

LHCC U13 Lions 254 – 5                                 Salesbury u13 197-10

Liberty Heap 26*                                              Oliver Spendlove 2-8

Aden Aurangzeb 14                                           Phoebe Johnstone 2-10

Oliver Williams 13*                                          Nathan Porter 2-14

Euxton u13 248- 5                                           LHCC u13 Lions 273-1

Dec Metcalfe 2-5                                                   Aden Aurangzeb 17*

Church u13 220- 7                                                  LHCC u13 Tigers 252- 4

George Durkin 26*

Henri Cottam 20

Annabelle Uttley 14

Keir Greenwood 13

LHCC u13 Tigers 252- 5                                       Burnley u13 (2) 240-2

Oliver Spendlove 25

Phoebe Johnstone 19*

George Durkin 17

Rory Cormack 14*

Kier Greenwood 12

Great Harwood u13 324 – 2                               LHCC u13 Tigers 282-4

Thomas Yorke-Robinson 23

Grace Johnson 15*

Joel Sharpe 13

Sam Hancock 12*

LHCC u13 Tigers 261- 3                                  Rishton u13 261-3 (Tie)

Oliver Spendlove 15*

Oliver Williams 15*

Kerry Gibbins 10

Burnley u11 (2) 210-7                                 LHCC u11 Cubs 240-5

George Everitt McVay 2-5                          Marcus Niell 13*

End of season placings

U9 (1) Fagan and Whalley Hornets – Runners up Division 1 and LJL U9 Cup winners

U9 (2) – Fagan and Whalley Bees – 3rd Division 3

U11 (1) – Molly Rigby Bears – 3rd Division 1 and LCB Cup Finalists (pending outcome)

U11 (2) – Cubs – 6th division 2

U13 Full – A1 Motorstore Panthers – Runners Up Division 1, LJL Joint Cup Winners and LCB Cup Semi Finalists

U13 (1) – Lions – Champions Division 1

U13 (2) – Tigers – Runners Up Division 2

U13 (3) – Cougars – 4th Division 2

U15 (1) – Sharks – 5th Division 1 and LJL Cup Semi – Finalists

U15 (2) – Dolphins – Runners Up Division 2

U15 (3) – Barracudas – Champions 8 a side division

U17 Xercise4Less – Champions Division 1

As can be seen from the placings we have had another successful season.

3 championships, 4 runners up, 2 cup winners, 1 pending finalists and 2 cup semi finalists

Most people will know that we do not measure success simply in terms of league position. Neither do we always select the strongest team and certainly don’t simply use the strongest players in the match. We feel it is important to share participation throughout the squads as much a possible whilst operating within a framework that will give us a good chance of winning the game .The development of the children as cricketers and indeed as individuals in terms of confidence aspirations and fulfilment is far more important.

I would like to thank all junior players, particularly the new ones who have immersed themselves into the club. It is always comforting to see how well new parents and new players fit in seamlessly. There were no discipline issues during the season and our sportsmanship throughout the teams was a credit to the children, their families and the coaches and managers.

I would also like to thank those very coaches and managers who gave up their time week in, week out and in some case every night, to provide our cricket programme.

A special mention must go to our website administrator Adam Hope for his invaluable work in publicising and logging all our junior results and activity.

Finally I would like to thank our President Harry for his investment into the Brooks Foundation which is the umbrella for all our junior activities, and to the committee, tea room and bar staff who also make the whole experience possible.

Our presentation night this season will be held over for the next few weeks and maybe into the New Year. There are a number of reasons for this but I am sure that it will not detract from what is always a very well attended evening.


I have been overwhelmed by the help that has been forthcoming in putting the square to bed. Special thanks to Keith Fairclough, Tony and Caleb Greenhalgh, Eric Haworth, Derek Morris, Lucas Niell and Dave Waddington for their days sheer hard graft. Derek and Lucas have also been repairing the nets with the outdoor storeroom now having waterproof roofing

Many thanks also to Craig Marsden for his electrical work ahead of the Bonfire

Thanks to all those spectators and players who helped with the stacking of the bonfire, stewarding, providing services and tidying up afterwards. What a tremendous team effort.


Ben Woodall has left the club to join Brother Jamie at Read. It is always a wrench when juniors and parents leave the club and Ben has been with us since he was smaller than the wickets. Nevertheless this is a good move for Ben and we wish him every success.  Similarly to parents Chris and Vanessa who have been the ideal supportive parents.

Presentation Night

For a number of reasons , the junior and senior presentation will not take place until the New Year. Date to be confirmed


The club has received donations from Neil Whalley (junior donation) and

Graham Martin (scorebox maintenance). We thank both for their generosity and Rishton Glass likewise for the fitting of new windows in the clubroom, West End Room and scorebox – see below

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