Stan’s Chairman’s Column

Happy New Year to everyone; said somewhat with a heavy heart in view of the latest lockdown and the postponement of the club’s junior training programme.

It is also a disappointing introduction to cricket in the Lancashire League environment for our new professional Stephen Parry. I would like to draw your attention to the on-line coaching programme with Stephen which is publicised on the website. Please try and support Stephen in this venture as currently it is the only way to welcome him to the club. Stephen has a top cricketing pedigree and is itching to begin coaching at the club.

Similarly, as part of his testimonial year there is an on-line birthday event. Tickets are £20, proceeds include charity donations to Parkinsons Disease. Check the guests out and please try and support this via this link.

Raffle tickets are being returned and we thank those who have included additional donations to the club to see us through these hard times. Mick Fitzpatrick, Terry Whitham and Ernie Whittaker, take a bow. Thanks also to Neil Whalley for his annual contribution to the juniors. Similarly Jonathon Finch who has surrendered his 100-club prize to the juniors. Thanks to Elaine Hayes who has already provided us with raffle prizes. If anyone wishes to donate a prize, please contact me. Unwanted Christmas presents will be gratefully received.

Work continues on the ground despite the conditions and within the clubroom. Ground staff are permitted to work at a social distance and there aren’t many places you can socially distance more than a cricket ground.

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