Stan’s Chairmans Column


Advanced Performance Programme

This was launched last night with Joe Martin explaining the technicalities of the programme and the chairman extolling the benefits. Adam Hope explained how the website would be used for aspects of the programme. The programme will be funded through the Harry Brooks Foundation and we are grateful to Harry for funding what we believe will be a raising of the bar. The scheme has been detailed previously, but will essentially involve advanced training for a small group of selected players. Players between the age of 11 and 16 have been chosen on the basis of those most likely to benefit from it. Players will to and fro from the scheme on an annual basis. Many thanks to Joe, Paddy Martin, Adam Hope and Charlie Cottam who have planned the programme.


Club Improvements

Two new hand rails have been added to the clubroom steps to assist those less steady on their feet to access the premises and , and after a hard day at the bar, egress the premises safely.

We have reopened the Liverpool Road entrance (“Top Gate”) to allow our Rosegrove members to cut short the long walk round to the main entrance. This involved re-opening the entrance, raising the lintel and adding steps.  The gate is on a combination lock and the combination will be provided to members who have paid their subs. We ask that members lock and spin the combination after letting themselves in. The gate will not as a rule be manned, so is only available to members. It will be staffed for big events such as the bonfire. We are grateful to the Rosegrove Supporters who have generously contribute to part fund the gate.

Many thanks to for Paul of SD Fabrications for the metalwork on the top gate and the handrails.

We have also upgrade the pathway to the disabled entrance at the club. Many thanks to Mick and Sean Durkin for their stone work on the Top Gate and the pathway and to Mick’s dog for scarifying the outfield during the construction period.