Stans Chairmans Column



Many thanks to all those people who gave up their time to give the facilities a facelift.

The following works were undertaken:

  • Oiling and staining of decking and fencing – John Astin, Suzanne Heap and Warren de Vries
  • Oiling staining and painting of all benches – Maureen Stansfield (warmed up with a stint on the Forth Bridge)
  • Painting of tea room, clubroom and boundary stones – Warrende Vries
  • Painting of metal pipe fencing – Trudi Sharpe, Gary and Austin Curzon and Joe Martin (as evidenced by the blue glove prints)
  • Painting of changing room interior – Sue and Joe Martin
  • Clubroom interior lighting – Craig Marsden
  • Gardens – Peter and Eunice Taylor, Bob Spencer and Anne Cochrane

Thanks to the Tea room staff too for the work in the tea room after the winter.

Apologies if I have missed anyone and if anyone has a spare hour or two there are still painting jobs to be done.


To Joey Stein, James Wearden and Max Ingham who put 50 plus on for the ninth and tenth wickets to snatch an unlikely victory against Burnley. Fair play to Burnley too who put out a genuine 3rd team.

A remarkable performance by the District 13s (see scores) where an opening stand of 180 by Rehan Zore (Burnley CC) and Dec Metcalfe (LHCC) led to a final total of 234 -3. Congratulations to Dec on his maiden 50 and of course to Rehan, who created a new record – 135*


Burnley District u13 234- 3                                      Hyndburn District u13 176 – 6

Rehan Zore 135*                                                      Jack Spence 2-21

Dec Metcalfe 52                                                       Oliver Spendlove 2-29


Burnley District u11 89-9                                             Pendle District u11 90-8

Josh Holding (BCC) 29                                      Thomas Yorke – Robinson 3-16

Grace Johnson 13


LHCC u13 Panthers 351-2                          Haslingden u13 123 – 8

Keagan de Vries 31*                                    Joel Sharpe 2-0

Jack Spence 31*                                           Annabelle Uttley 2-1

Henri Cottam 30*                                        Kerry Gibbins 2-5

Rory Cormack 15*

Dec Metcalfe 14

LHCC u11 Tigers 291-                       Burnley u13 (2) 163-10

Sam Hancock 25*                             Sam Hancock 3-0

Rory Cormack 19                              Oliver Williams 2-1

Joel Sharpe 16*

Phoebe Johnstone 13*

Oliver Williams 11*

LCB U11 Cup Round 1

LHCC u11 Bears 231- 3        East Lancs u11 (1) 235-5

Joseph Edgar 10


LHCC u11 Bears 272- 3        Bacup u11 (1) 249-4

Jack Whitham 18*

Joseph Edgar 17*

Harrison Durkin 16*

Grace Johnson 14


LJL U9 Cup Round 1

LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 241 – 4               Rishton u9 231-4

Marcus Niell 11*                                          Melissa Shanley 2-4


LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 262 – 1               Rishton u9 245-3

Joe Masson 14*                                                            Joe Masson 2-1

Isa Nadeem 14

Eliza Cottam 10

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