Stan’s Chairmans Column – Under 9s Cup Win



U9 Cup Final scorecard

East Lancs u9 241 -3 Lowerhouse Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 272 -3  

Zak Jackson 2-0-9-0 Henry Bithell 10

Archie Howorth 2-0-10-0 Taylor de Vries 4*

Isa Nadeem 2-0-3-2 Zak Jackson 17*

Taylor de Vries 2-0-4-0 Eliza Cottam 8*

Henry Bithell 2-0-8-0 Joe Masson 1

Joe Masson 2-0-6-0 Archie Howorth 5*                      

Eliza Cottam 2-0-7-1 Marcus Niell 5*

Marcus Niell 2-1-1-0 Isa Nadeem 9*

12th man – Aveen Dalugoda

The Fagan and Whalley under 9 Hornets won the Lancashire Junior League Cup on Wednesday at The Brooks Foundation ground with a tidy win over East Lancs. On a pleasant evening and in front of a large crowd the team bowled first against an East Lancs side with some big hitting batsmen.

As the bowling figures show, the team bowled well with only 8 wides. Although East Lancs lost few wickets, they found it difficult to pierce the alert fielders albeit there were 5 powerful boundary shots.

In contrast to all other sides in the league, the Hornets bat in full cricket equipment. Whilst this can sometimes restrict quick singles it serves the youngsters well for the future. Partnerships of 14,33,7 and 18 saw the team home with what can only be described as patient batting , good technique and sensible running between the wickets.

Many names in the team will be recognised from older siblings and parents at the club. Aveen Dalugoda is son of the longstanding club coach and former Sri Lankan first class cricketer Amal. Marcus Niell is Jack and Joseph Edgar’s cousin and we are very pleased to add dad Lucas to the coaching staff. From his career as an international footballer, Lucas has brought new ideas and an infectious enthusiasm to the coaching and matches. A more recent recruit mid-season is Zak Jackson. Zak’s dad Liam is a former league pro and current Enfield stalwart. . If Zak can emulate his dad he will have a very productive career.

The cup win and league position (league still in progress), is a fitting reward to the full under 9s squad and to our other two under 9s teams, the Bees and the Wasps. All the teams have been managed by Eric Haworth and Dave Waddington, with assistance from Lucas Niell and Warren de Vries and many of the parents both at matches and training sessions.

As Chairman I am extremely pleased that the foundation stone of our junior set up, our youngest teams are in such good hands and have such great support from the coaching staff – from Nigel Brown and his team, the adults mentioned above, and our marvellous parents who support their children and indeed the club to the full extent.

Many thanks to Alex Haworth from under 9s sponsors Fagan and Whalley Transport for his and their support, which has included a financial contribution, the new roller accoutrements and the team caps. Alex is Eric’s son and a former LHCC Junior himself  

Up the House!       

Our under 9s have been broadening their horizons and competing in 6 a side competitions at Hale CC and Littleborough CC. These are whizz, bang, crash matches and not something we are used to. That said we have competed well and after a promising but unproductive start at Hale, got to the quarter finals at Littleborough. Many thanks to the usual management team, especially Warren and Charlie Cottam for managing the team at these competitions. More of these to follow.    

Longridge u15 (1) 77-2 LHCC u15 Sharks 79-3                          

Yousaf Nadeem 40*        

Jack Simm 18                 


Clitheroe u15 79-4 LHCC u15 Barracudas 138-1   

Yousaf Nadeem 2-5 Tom Halstead 29*                                                                                                                Ethan Connor 22                                                                           James Bridge 10*
Lowerhouse u13 A1 Motorsport Panthers 107-3 Longridge u13 108-4

George Durkin 30* Oliver Spendlove 2-24

Dec Metcalfe 28

Henri Cottam 22


LCB U13 Cup Quarter final

Longridge u13 105 -9 LHCC U13 A1 Motorstore Panthers 45-9

Rory Cormack 3-13 George Durkin 10


Nelson u13 221-5 LHCC u13 Lions 298-3

Aden Aurangzeb 2-13 Keagan de Vries 27

                                                                 Jack Spence 24*

                                                                 Annabelle Uttley 15

                                                                 Aden Aurangzeb 14*

                                                                 Dec Metcalfe 10*                                         

LHCC U13 Lions 274 – 2 Bacup u13 221-6      

Keagan de Vries 21*

Dec Metcalfe 12*

Oliver Williams 12*

Jack Spence 12


LHCC U13 Tigers 347-3 Ramsbottom u13 215- 4

George Durkin 45 Sam Hancock 2-12

Joel Sharpe 28*

Jack Spence 23*

Declan Metcalfe 18*

Sam Hancock 18

Annabelle Uttley 13*

Oliver Williams 12                   

LHCC u13 Cougars 245- 3 Ramsbottom u13 234-5

Harrison Durkin 31* Tom Yorke – Robinson 2-5

Tom Yorke – Robinson 11*                           

Grace Johnson 11*                               

Great Harwood u13 263 – 3 LHCC U13 Cougars 248-5                                                     

George Durkin 30*

Burnley u11 (1) 251-6 LHCC u11 Molly Rigby Bears 252- 2      

Callum Hughes 2-14 Tom Yorke-Robinson 25*

                                                            Elliott Johnstone 11*

LHCC u11 Molly Rigby Bears 259- 5 Burnley u11 (1) 265-5 

Elliott Johnstone 17*

Tom Yorke-Robinson 15

Grace Johnson 13 

Burnley u11 (2) 267-4 LHCC u11 Cubs 239-2 

Zak Jackson 3-3 Isa Nadeem 19*  

                                                                   Alfie Hawke – Thompson 10*

LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 222 – 7 Church u9 (1) 248-2

Isa Nadeem 10 Aveen Dalugoda 1-3

LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 223 – 6 Bacup u9 219-6

Isa Nadeem 11 Aveen Dalugoda 2-9

Clitheroe u9 (2) 231-6 LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Bees 244- 1

Eddie Starkie 3-6 Kate Gormanley 8*

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