The Presidents Cup

As we revealed on Saturday Lowerhouse have been grouped with Crompton, Todmorden, Walsden, Rochdale & Darwen in Pool 4 commencing Sunday 2ndAugust 2020, all games 1.00pm start rules as below


The management of the Competition shall be in the hands of the League Executive Committee, who are given full powers, and whose decision on any disputed point must be accepted as final by the Clubs concerned.

No player, amateur or professional shall play in the competition for more than one club in the competition. The qualifications of players and the general conditions shall be those specified in the League Rules, with the exceptions mentioned herein or such as may be directed by the Committee.

The trophies to be played for in all competitions, 1st Xl, 2nd Xl and 3 Xl will be provided by the League and be retained by the winning clubs. There will be no individual awards or mementos for players this year.

2nd Xl fixtures will be the reverse of 1st Xl fixtures until of course we reach semi-final and final stages.  Venues for semi-final and the final fixtures will be drawn by the Executive Committee once teams are known.

3Xl format to be determined once known how many clubs wish to take part.

Clubs that do not reach the semifinal stages of the competition will be allocated additional fixtures against teams from other groups to afford maximum cricket playing time.

The competition will adopt the Worsley Cup 2019 rules including Powerplays and Fielding Restrictions with the amendments and additions below:

Four regionalized (as best we can) leagues, 3 constructed of 6 teams and 1 containing 5 teams.  The league consisting of five teams will contain all clubs who have confirmed they have engaged a professional.
Teams will play each other once as determined by the fixture secretary.
Matches will be scheduled on Sundays 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 August to commence at 13.00 hours.  
The winner of each group will progress to the semi-finals, the winners of which will meet in the final.
Semi Final (6th September) and Final (13th September) ties will commence at 13.00 hours and for the sake of clarification the League Executive Committee shall arrange that both semi-final ties take place on the same date.
Clubs from the all amateur groups who find themselves competing in the semi-final or final against a team with a contracted professional may, if they so wish, engage a professional for the said fixture at their own expense.
Six points will be awarded to the winning team no bonus points.
Three points will be awarded to each side in the result of a tie or No Result due to weather intervention.

If weather intervenes, we revert to League Match Rules:

a. If start delayed no lost time at that stage and reduce both innings by one over for every 7 mins lost. We did calculate that for 40 overs in 2 hrs. 30 mins it would be slightly more time per over, but I think it right to keep to 7 mins to keep it simple.

b. The rule says if weather intervenes between innings there should be no reduction of 2nd innings until time saved in first innings (by bowling opponents out early) has expired. That can clearly remain in as does not affect finish time.

If we have a late start the minimum time required for 20 overs per side including teais 2 hrs. 45 mins. If we are to finish at 6.15 pm this means the latest start time is 3.30pm.
A minimum of 20 overs per side will constitute a game.
Each innings shall consist of a maximum of 40 six ball overs and in the event of a team not having lost all 10 wickets at the conclusion of 40 overs the innings shall be deemed to be closed.
Teams must bowl their allotted 40 overs within 2 hours 30 mins which includes any drink or sanitization breaks.
Any overs not completed within the allotted time will incur six penalty runs awarded to the batting team.  Example:  If only 37 overs have been bowled in 2 hours 30 minutes, the batting side would have 18 runs added to their total and their innings closed.  The additional three overs must still be bowled affording the batting side their full 40 overs.
If the side bowling first does not complete 40 overs in the allotted 2 hours thirty minutes, they will only receive the number of overs bowled in their innings as they bowled in the allotted time.  Example, If Side A only bowl 37 overs in their allotted time of 2 hours and 30 minutes, they will only receive 37 overs to chase down any set total.
No bowler may bowl more than 8 overs in an innings and where the number of overs to be bowled in an innings is reduced due to a delayed start or an interruption during the game no bowler may bowl more than one-fifth of the total overs allowed (unless such a number has been exceeded before the interruption) except that where the number of overs are not divisible by five, an additional over shall be allowed to the minimum number of bowlers necessary to make up the balance.
When an interruption occurs mid over and on resumption the bowler has exceeded the new maximum allocation, he will be allowed to finish the uncompleted over. In the event of the bowler being unable to complete an over, the remaining balls will be bowled by another bowler. Such part of an over will count as a full over only in so far as each bowler’s limit is concerned.
As it is anticipated that the provision of teas will not be permitted, intervals between innings shall not exceed 15 minutes.
Where a game is affected by the weather the match will revert to the league rules in all aspects of match rules governing rain affected fixtures and DLS will be used to determine results.
Two League Panel umpires will be appointed to officiate at each fixture and their fee will be £40.00 per umpire.  Please ensure that Umpires are paid their fees prior to the commencement of the game due to the fact they will have no changing facilities or point of contact.
Discipline rules will apply and be enforced throughout the competition.
Any player subject to a suspension from the 2019 season will have their suspension carried over to the 2021 season and therefore be permitted to play in fixtures during 2020.
Bad Weather – In case of bad weather, the Captains shall decide as to the fitness of the ground for the commencement of a match. In the event of their disagreement, a majority of the Captains and Umpires shall decide. In the absence of a majority, play shall not commence.
In these unprecedented times, we feel common sense should prevail and in the event of inclement weather during the morning of a game and it is clearly obvious no play would be possible during the day, to avoid unnecessary expense and travel, teams would not be expected to travel and Captains can agree to postpone the game in advance.
In such circumstances, it is the home teams responsibility to inform the League Secretary and both Umpires leaving sufficient time for them not to travel.  If Umpires are cancelled once they have left home, they will be entitled to claim half of their match fee.
Entrance / Admission fees to group fixtures will be at the discretion of the home club and there will be no requirement to share gates with the opposition or advise the Honorary League Treasurer of such takings.
Entrance / Admission fees to the semi-final and finals will be mandatory as per League Rules and the charge for admission for the current season will be: £4.00 per person, £2.00 for Senior Citizens and Juniors (Charges include VAT).
The net receipts in Semi-Final and Final ties shall be divided between the League and the two Clubs concerned in the proportion of one third to the League and one third to each of the two Clubs concerned. Balance sheets of all the matches must be sent by the Home Club Secretary to the League Treasurer and to the away clubs Treasurer within fourteen days. The Home club will send a cheque (or cheques) to the opponent (and to the League when appropriate) within 7 days from the Hon. Treasurers approval of the Balance Sheet. The League Executive shall fix for each Season a fixed allowance which the Home Club may deduct as expenses before dividing the net proceeds.

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