Website Review 2016 – (Geeky Post Alert!)

With 2016 coming to a close, I’m sure Stan will be along soon to give his Christmas/New Year message as he is now nearly part of the Royal Family, we may even hear from the MD Mr Stansfield.  A lot of people have been interested in some of the things that go on behind the scenes on the website – here’s the website stats from 2016 in review.

In total, the website has 1490 posts – this is since 2007. We’ve got a following of 6660 on Twitter and 2250 on Facebook.

Our website has been viewed at time of writing 467,694 times. You can tell from the graph below when the cricket season is on! This year has been the best year yet, but we’ve posted more and more content.

The website was viewed the most times in a day this year. 3,353 times: Sadly this was on the day we announced the passing of David Wren, it just shows what an impact he had around the town, league and county.

We get the majority of our views from Twitter, Facebook and Google, but quite a few come from Nigels’ great Lancashire League site or ClaretsMad/UpTheClarets message boards.

The most read posts and pages are above – highlights from this year were the fixtures, the flooding and the bonfire night (can we look at some cricket stuff next year? 😉 )

Finally the countries – we’re viewed predominantly in the UK but have followings around the globe, it’s quite easy to tell when our avid viewers go to Spain though. Who reads from the Isle of Man? (They are on the site weekly!)

On a final note, thanks to all who have submitted some great content to me in 2016 – the site is only as good as what people write on it and I have found it enjoyable reading and looking at pictures of past and present.

Hopefully a great season with the cricket is ahead of us, but I’m sure we’ll have more to come before April. We also will have CriqHQ in 2017, which should tweet out score and show live scores online to save Frank, Stanny and other peoples fingers and battery lives!

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