Club News & Junior Reports – 1st September 2011


Congratulations to wicket keeper batsman Hannah Till (14) who will represent Lancashire CCC Ladies this weekend.

SENIOR RESULTS                         

LHCC 2XI 144-4                Accrington 44- 7  

Joe Hawke 75*                Scott Hope 3-9

Jonny Whitehead 54           Kieran Tighe 3-9

Ten points achieved in a reduced over game.

Ramsbottom 157-all out                  LHCC 2XI 158 – 4

Micky Lee 3-51                         Jack Edgar 66

Josh Lavin 2-15                        Joe Hawke 40*

Joe Hawke 2-35                         Jonny Whitehead 23

It is always a good sign when the second team defeat Ramsbottom who are a perennial top 2 second XI. At 91-9 the game could have been won easily but for a last wicket stand.

Jack Edgar (15) built on his first 50 for the 2s last week and Joe Hawke has yet to be dismissed since his return.

Controversially Dec Bailey was out in a bowlers 15th over when only 14 overs maximum are permitted. The 2XI have set their sights on finishing 4th which appears to be the top spot available.

Enfield 3XI – 75 – 9 (reduced to 67) LHCC 3XI 68 – 7

Kieran Tighe 3-8                        Josh Lavin 34

Jack Edgar 3-20

This was a hard fought victory in appalling conditions. Full credit to Enfield for their sterling efforts in getting the game on and in the work with the covers on no less than 10 occasions. LHCC were indebted to Josh Lavin and Danny Starkie for a 46 run stand which was crucial in achieving the reduced score.


LHCC u17- 85- 7                               Enfield u17 – 90-7

Jonny Whitehead 33                            Josh Lavin 2-10

Jack Edgar 21                                       Jack Edgar 2-19

Rhys Woodworth 2 – 23


Just too few runs after a slow start caused this defeat to a team heavily indebted to Khan’s swashbuckling 47.

Rishton u17 57-5                                                          LHCC U17 58-5

Max Humberstone 2-6                                           Jonny Whitehead 26*

Jack Edgar 2-12                                                     Oli Bayliff 13*

A very tight game with the house managing to get over the line thanks to a late flourish from the two not outs. Despite an earlier scare at Enfield the lads have won the Lancashire Junior League Under 17s Division 1

LHCC U15 Sharks 93-8                                RAMSBOTTOM u15 95 – 2 

Matt Locke 18

Hannah Till 18

Shannon Jackson 14

Will Norcross 10

The club’s ability to turn many teams out on the same night often results in the strength of the team being weakened when depletions occur. In this case the older players moved up. All the Sharks were moved into the 17s on this night but nevertheless the Dolphins acquitted themselves well but were put to the sword by Ramsbottom’s county player – Jonathon Dack who hit 50 in no time. This was a loss which severely jeopardises the team’s ability to win the league. Having said that the most important thing is that 11 players had a game and were tested by older and stronger opposition.

Todmorden u15 93-3                                        LHCC U15 Sharks 94-1    

Ben Gorton 52*

Jack Edgar 17

A fantastic innings from Ben Gorton leaves the team hanging on for other results to see if silverware will follow. Runners up is the likely outcome

Burnley u15 126 -4                                    LHCC U15 Dolphins 77- 6

Matt Locke 50*

The youngsters were out to the sword somewhat in the field by a powerful Burnley batting line up. Great success for Matt Locke though on his maiden 50 for the club. Hopefully it won’t be too long before Matt can rise through the ranks and face cousin Cole Hayman in the local derby.

LHCC u15 Dolphins 72 – 6                          Burnley 15s 73-1                  

Tom Nicholas 18

Alex Claridge – Ingham 16

Jake Seddon 11

Manager Jim Heaton took an all but under 13s team to Burnley in this return game and the game was one sided with Matty Lamb knocking a quick fire 50 for Burnley. However a number of the juniors acquitted themselves well with tidy knocks and decent bowling. Very pleasing for next season.

Colne U15 164-4                                                         LHCC U15 Dolphins 83-5    

Ben Gorton 23

Will Norcross 17

Liam Heaton 10

The gulf between an under 15 A team and an under 14 B team was cruelly exposed in this game as Colne smashed everything in sight whether it deserved it or not.

LHCC U13 Lions 263-8                              LHCC U13 Cougars 200-8    

Joey Stein 37                                                 Jack Moodie 14

Harry Spark 22                                              James Wheatcroft 13

Adam Stubbs 13*                                          Harry Wheatcroft 11*

Tom Nicholas 12                                           Ben Jenkinson 3-13

Alex Claridge –Ingham 11*                          Jack Moodie 3-14

Jake Seddon 3-11

Harry Spark 2-7

Kean Craig 2-8

The Cougar’s season finishes with another defeat but no shame in the way that the 12 year olds have played this season . This will stand them in good stead for next season where they will face 11 a side cricket with the Panthers , District cricket with the Town Team as well as pairs cricket . They will compete against their own age group too.

Some great scoring by the Lions but too many wickets conceded in the match

Nelson u13 260 – 6                                                     LHCC 13 Lions 225 – 6                    

Joey Stein 2-6                                                            Jake Seddon 18

Harrison Smith 14

Nelson had already won the league by this fixture but played with their usual big hitting style. The best hopes for the Lions was their technical ability not to lose wickets but sadly the game plan didn’t come off.

LHCC U13 Lions 325-1                           Burnley u13 150– 11    

Joey Stein 26*                                             Harrison Smith 3-11

Jake Seddon 25*                                          Jake Seddon 2-4

Alex Claridge – Ingham 20*                                                                  ]

Harry Spark 13*

Harrison Smith 12

The Lions season comes to an end with 3rd place most likely. This game unfortunately clashed with Burnley 13’s full team game and the score reflected the difference in strength due to depletions.

LHCC 13 Jaguars 216 – 4                           Ramsbottom u13 226- 6

Danny Simm 2-12

Ramsbottom had to sweat hard to win this game in the last over and therefore win the league. Full credit to the team who battled hard in the field after a low scoring innings.

LHCC U13 Jaguars 248 – 2                              Church u13 180-7

James Wheatcroft 13*                                   James Wheatcroft 2-7

Wickets were shared out in this top bowling performance.

LHCC u11 Bears 250 – 5           Haslingden u11 239 – 3

Harry Wheatcroft 29                     Joe Halstead 2-8

Sulaiman Mehdi 15*

Josh Waddington 10

A fantastic 35 stand by Harry Wheatcroft and Joe Halstead following a 20 stand for Sulaiman Mehdi and Josh Waddington gave sufficient platform to win the game. The lads are League Champions as a result of this win.

LHCC u11 Koalas 242-2                                          Haslingden 216-4      

Jake Turner 3-4                                                          Ben Woodall 13*

Drew Sandiford 11*

Jake Turner continues to take wickets with his accurate medium pace. The C team can look back on this season with pride having won far more games that was expected.

Accrington u11 240- 5                      LHCC U11 Koalas – 233-4        

Sam Kelly 2-8                                           Becky Gorton 10

Jake Turner 2-12

This was a great performance against the League Leaders who are an A team. At the start of the last over the C team had won but 2 late wickets fell. Jack Simm stepped up well from the under 9s.

Bacup u11 225-6                                         LHCC U11 Koalas 261-3      

Luke Cocker 3-5                                          Ben Woodall 18*

Becky Gorton 17

A nice win for the team with Luke Cocker taking 3 wickets on his debut.

LHCC u9 244 – 3                                       Bacup u9 (2) 215-11 

Jack Simm 13*                                           JamesBridge3-9

Aman Singh 13                                          Kheiro Chir 2-2

Emily Herbert 2-6

Aman Singh 2-14

Spectators wondered in astonishment at the catching ability of the LHCC tiny tots. No pigeon was safe crossing this ground as James Bridge (2), Aman Singh and Kheiro Chir caught anything ranging from stingers to skiers. 7 year old Anthony Barrett, grandson to club member Mick Fitzpatrick made his debut – scoring his first run and bowling a maiden.

Euxton U9 – 272-5                                              LHCC U9 223- 7  

Aman Singh 2-10

A under strength side struggled in this friendly.

Baxenden U9 234-4                         LHCC u9 – game abandoned

BrooklynDobbie 2-7

The under 9s season finishes with this rained off friendly. The team have finished 4th in a 13 strong league. As might be expected with players as young as 7, some games have been lost through inconsistency. Nevertheless manager Eric Haworth can look back on the season with great satisfaction. 4 players are still eligible for next season.

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