1933 – Lowerhouse Ladies in picture.

Another great addition to the archive was received yesterday via Twitter from Phil Young (@BarneyVanBasten). This is the Lowerhouse ladies team in 1933, the year in which is was formed. We know they played a few games in 1934 and disbanded that year. Phil’s auntie is in the picture, does anyone else recognise anyone? Get in touch!

In relation to this, Anne did some great write ups on this subject, which have been posted in the History Books and linked here


Anne has found newspaper items reporting on a friendly between Burnley and Lowerhouse on 25th July 1933 and the return on 29th July, Lowerhouse only played friendlies, not being in the league.  she couldn’t find anything to exactly match the date on the photo of 17th July. The photo does not seem to have made the papers so she can’t pinpoint who is who, however, it is quite likely that the players on the Tuesday 25th July are  on the photo:
Mrs. Garnett, E. Cook, I. Webster, M. Isherwood, L. Pritchard, J. Drabble, I. Whittaker, I. Broughton, B. Young, C. Salthouse, J. Davies.
(Presumably B. Young is the Aunt of Phil.)
The team for the return game the following Saturday  was slightly different with J. Green, A. Drabble, J. Baxter and M. Walker (Stan’s mum) coming in.
Perhaps someone could put some of these names to faces?
Stan has had his say!

“From my memory:

Far right in civilian clothing and half hidden is Grace Drabble. Grace was sister to Jessie Drabble who is last cricketer on the left on the back row.
The Drabbles were synonymous with the club with William Drabble playing at the turn of 1900 and Edward Drabble around the first world war. Joe Drabble and Leonard Drabble played after the second world war so I assume that was 2 generations.
Jessie Drabble married Charlie Lupton who also played. Grace married Billy Wade who also played.
Grace and Billy’s son is Peter Wade who of course is well known as a former player and coach .
The 3rd Drabble sister was Annie who married Steve Coady and their son Edward also played for the club in the 1950s.
All 3 married sisters lived opposite the ground at 165, 171 and 173 Lowerhouse Lane until around the 1970s.
Leonard Drabble lived in the Coal Clough area and followed the team still well into the 1980s.”

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