An interview with Frank Entwistle

We were supposed to bring you new kit today. It’s been delayed till tomorrow. It wouldn’t be right not having an interview with whatdyoumacallit. The day after we interviewed thingy is quite fitting too. In all seriousness, thanks to Frank for taking time to answer our questions. Here’s what he said, actually quite eloquently:

· When did you first start supporting the club/playing and why?
1979 –Brian Gee took me down one Wednesday evening for junior nets with his son Ian, hooked ever since.
Debut in 2nds @ Bacup, under Captain Peter Mawdsley after being plucked from 1st x1 tally boy duties similar to Stan to stop club incurring a fine.

What was your favourite Lowerhouse game you have witnessed? –
I have 3 particular favourites:
i) 2004 Cup Semi – Final chasing down Enfield’s mammoth 310-8

ii) The greatest final in the history of cricket Lowerhouse’s Worsley Cup Win in 2004

iii) Ramsbottom en-route to Championship 2005 – Johnny Russell destroying their batting line up in front of the travelling hordes from the House.

· What has been your favourite thing to happen at the club (non-cricket?)

Two things really – the past few years 2011- date have seen us able to reduce our long term deficit £35k to under £2k which in this current financial climate is a testament to the hard work that has been put in over a period of time
Secondly would be the way so many of our member’s make themselves available to assist in renovations, repairs and fund raising projects it makes such a difference to the club.

· What are your hopes for Lowerhouse for the future?
I’m praying we secure the grant funding to be able to renovate the changing rooms.
It’s massively overdue and we all fully appreciate what an absolute nightmare they are. We’ve thrown plenty of good money at them already and hopefully we will secure the money and we can then move onto the next one ‘tea room’ hopefully J

I’d like us, i.e. the Director’s as current custodians of the club to be able to continue i) our work and secure the club’s future through more funding, ii) a developed structure to our business plan and iii) build some resilience into the Management Team which oversees the club’s day-day running.
On a cricket front well, trophies are paramount. We must as Uncle Nigel say’s “target to continue our current form and win something every year “Finally continue to develop our junior set up which is one of the best in the County.

· Do you have any pre game rituals?
Well normally off towards LHCC for 10.15am normally collecting tea room provisions en-route
Always make sure your tea urn is turned on when you arrive and then get the cans of ale on ice for the Railway Crew (nothing worse than warm beer)
· What do you do to keep yourself busy in the winter? –
Plenty of housework to catch up on, plenty of walks with our 8 year old Border Collie – Jasper. This winter I gave up smoking and try to get to the gym every week day.
On a cricket front the season ends but our work continues there’s always plenty of paperwork to do and lots of planning goes into how we deliver future events and organisation of the new season etc.

· How will we do this season?
Outside the nucleus of the club I think the 2013 season has somehow been perceived as being poor, this despite us taking the T20 crown in such emphatic style.
It’s a measure as to how far we have come in such a short time that just 10 years ago we were still awaiting our first success but now I expect us to challenge on all fronts and be more than competitive in every game
We the Club expect success now and the players know less than 100% is no longer acceptable this goes not only for 1st x1 but 2nds, 3rds, 4th’s and right down into the junior ranks.
Our senior players will be the first to admit they appeared to drop below the high standards they set in previous years. .
I’m sure Charlie, Ben and Cobus will put this right UTH

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