Christmas Quiz!

By Paul Hargreaves

The quiz will consist of 30 questions split evenly between Lowerhouse CC and the Lancashire League in general. So test your knowledge to see if you’re a genuine superfan. Answers and grades will follow.

  1. Which club have won most Lancashire League championships.
  2. How many hundreds did Jacques Rudolph score for Lowerhouse in the 2002 season.
  3. Burnley were the only team to have an unbeaten season but not be crowned champs. This was in 1955 and they received the first Holland Cup. Who, though, with Indian S. Gupte as pro’ did the ‘double’ that year.
  4. How many runs(within 100) does Paddy Martin need to be a Hall of Fame all- rounder.
  5. Who was Enfield pro’ for 10 consecutive seasons from 1967 to 1976.
  6. In what year(within one) did Chris Bleazard make his first senior half century.
  7. Certainly amongst the top 5 amateur batsmen in League history, name either of the clubs George Parker played for.
  8. In 1992 Gary Moorhouse scored his only League half century against which team.
  9. In 1986 Nelson and Todmorden contested the last play-off to decide the Lancashire League. On which neutral ground did the match take place.
  10. After the 1997 season David Wren took over from whom as Lowerhouse Chairman.
  11. Father and son Jack and John Simpson both kept wicket at Haslingden but where had Jack played previously.
  12. How many catches(within 20) is Joe Martin behind Brian Higgin for the club record.
  13. Name Michael Bradley’s father-in-law who was a top class gloveman for Nelson in the 1960’s and ’70’s.
  14. How many years(within one) from debut to retirement did Stan Heaton play first team cricket.
  15. The Lancashire League was famous for having the same line-up of teams for over 120 years but who had Todmorden replaced in the 1890’s.
  16. The Lowerhouse amateur record for wickets in a season is 76 by Tommy Shutt in 1910. Name either of the other two bowlers to reach 70 plus.
  17. Which team haven’t been in a Worsley Cup final since winning it in 1973.
  18. In what year was Delroy Morgan the Lowerhouse pro’
  19. Church have won five Lancashire League titles but four came in which decade of the 20th century.
  20. Who in 2015 was the last ‘House player to do the amateur ‘double’.
  21. In the 21st century which Burnley player had a hat trick of Under 23 Player of the Year awards.
  22. Within one year, how many years after his senior debut did Jez Hope get his first 5-for.
  23. Which Colne pro’ set a League batting record in the 1996 season.
  24. What famously was Brian Higgin’s highest League score for Lowerhouse.
  25. Amateur batter Clifford ‘Chick’ Hawkwood was called up to play for Lancashire in a ‘Roses’ match. He scored a heroic century. Which club did he play for.
  26. Lowerhouse player and fan Malcolm Blackhurst was a part of which club’s only ‘double’ winning season in 1959.
  27. Which club haven’t been League champs since the 1957 season.
  28. In what year did Charlie Cottam make his senior debut.
  29. Lowerhouse and Burnley have both won four Worsley Cups in the 21st century but which club can claim five.
  30. Ben Heap has scored 3 League hundreds but within three how many 50’s has he achieved.

Answers via email to by 30th December – most answered correctly wins a prize.

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