Lowerhouse History: Did you know? Part 4

The mysterious Mr. Smith.

2nd May 1906 Lancashire League Meeting

Resolved that Mr. J.C. Turnbull be allowed to play for Rawtenstall under an assumed name (viz E. Smith)

And indeed Mr. Turnbull, who had played at the end of the 1905 season, for Rawtenstall, as an amateur, and played again in 1907 and 1908, didn’t play for them in 1906, but Mr. E. Smith did.

There must have been some innocent explanation as all the clubs agreed to it, possibly related to his profession, but we don’t yet know for sure.


Tell us what you really want…

In the early 1900s, clubs were asked to give the fixtures sub committee the following information :

  1. the names of three clubs you consider Derby dates, in order of priority, and the dates on which you prefer to play these clubs
  2. dates of Sports, Demonstrations, Agricultural Shows, and Holidays in your district, and whether you prefer to play at home or away on those dates.
  3. On which of the following days do you prefer to play at home or away: Whit Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday.
  4. Two week days on which you prefer to play your midweek matches at home and any other particulars which might help the committee.

It seems impossible, but after a bit of tweaking, clubs mostly seemed to be happy with what they got, without the need of a computer/calculator…



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