Memberships & Subscriptions

Just a reminder to all that 2024 Memberships are now payable

I’m delighted to confirm that so far over 57% of members have renewed and in addition we have picked up a sizeable number of new members in various categories

For anyone who has paid their subscription for 2024 – You new bar card is available for collection from the club bar – Also note the  applicable EPO credits to date have all been applied to these cards

Details of how to make membership payments are detailed here:

EPOS credit will now be applied to any membership paid on or before 3/4/2024 due to the re-scheduling of the AGM (see previous posts)

This weekend affords two social event opportunities to pay memberships with the next Quiz on Friday night and on Sunday Lowerhouse Social opens at 1.00pm for Paddy’s Day which includes the FA Cup Quarter Finals

Any questions on subs or membership etc please email me –

Thanks in anticipation

Frank – Secretary

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