Robert “Run Machine” Entwistle

Yesterday saw the funeral of Bob Entwistle, which saw many a Lancashire League member attend. We thought it would be nice to share a tribute to him which has handed out to celebrate his life.

By Anne Cochrane

Robert “Run Machine” Entwistle 1941-2019

A full house applauded Bob from the field of play at the Crem today. 

Bob’s brother in a lovely address said that of all Bob’s innings, the one he remembered most fondly was when Bob as Fleetwood’s pro, and a no. 7 batsman rescued Fleetwood from a crushing defeat against Blackpool, ending with 105 not out, and inspiring a poem by R.T. Cooke which included the lines

He hit the ball so fine today,

He hit the ball so clean,

He hit the ball so hard to day,

The runs came off “The True Rock” today,

Just like a boody dream.

Gerry Wolstenholme of Fleetwood wrote the attached appreciation which nicely sums up a  remarkable cricketing life.

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