Runs, Wickets and Catches – All Competitions

Lowerhouse Cricket Club 1st XI batting during their home game v Norden Cricket Club 1st XI in a Lancashire League Senior Division One match at the Brooks Foundation Ground in Burnley on May 5th 2019 in Lancashire (Photo by Tom Jenkins)

Here’s a little bit of weekend morning reading for you – we’ve put together a list of leading wicket takers and run scorers in all competitions (minus Lancashire Knock Out). Some would say that some have been penalised as there are more competitions in the current game, but there are less league games. Times are a changing. 

We plan to update this every year. If there is anything else, numbers wise you’d love to see – get in touch at!

This will be updated, but only currently contains runs and wickets if the player appeared in the list of top run/wicket takers respectively.

Runs (over 500 League runs to qualify)

PlayerLeagueWorsley CupTwenty20Inter LeagueTotal
CJ Bleazard16515139044839318746
BJ Higgin8108535008643
SAM Heaton79394780648481
BR Heap5805582763327182
CR Cottam5160662741336596
H Lawson647499006573
JA Finch49593812922445876
PJ Astin5092244005336
A Spencer4614276004890
T Shutt468747004734
J Cook47110004711
M Mahmood4470103004573
NG Hope395423702254416
K Tranter4182213004395
MJ Walker379114141504347
W Whittaker43130004313
E Smith3989166004155
JJ Whitehead305431371704084
J Drabble3584168003752
W Monk3496168003664
DF Haasbroek266550443603605
P Tripathi3349195003544
TW Whittaker34510003451
A Burrows3301125003426
Safdar Minhas3142114003256
JJ Elliott32410003241
R Holdsworth3043175003218
G Bridge2872111002983
MD Hope2651113311232918
M Amarnath2660197002857
GT Jones2587153002740
J Hope25151470442706
PTBM Martin206319140402658
JM Hawke194835435102653
OJ Erasmus177443728102492
KBJ Azad236592002457
JL Devon232076002396
H Spencer2215138002353
J Beneduce1877134297422350
G Green23470002347
M van Jaarsveld2144820522278
EA Martindale2100130002230
S Gee2092136002228
J Martin173528610202123
M Swift2008104002112
P Sutcliffe203074002104
JR Milne199970002069
JD Holland1915137002052
FM Entwistle170114101501992
D Hall186745001912
D Whalley1699960661861
SL Flegler180028001828
R Holden17980
G Moorhouse1680113001793
F Webster167077001747
E Vost17390001739
FA Brown165420001674
V Tripathi14678432851668
JW Halstead154487001631
H Smith151994001613
RB Bolton16060001606
WG Cook1444110001554
B Holmes144585001530
Manzoor Elahi1413111001524
CJ Williamson143778001515
JJ Pienaar106524119801504
W Cook1362140001502
GE Stevenson144432001476
EL St Hill137785001462
Hasan Khan11779516601438
RE Marshall138411001395
W Wade1268120001388
B Smith131461001375
JM Blackhurst1179195001374
RJ Harris12531480161363
W Pollard127952001331
JA Rudolph11211320601313
A Smalley127436001310
AJ Benneworth121576001291
C Lupton126427001291
E Needham12870001287
W Tolson12740001274
A Holden118970001259
A Robinson12570001257
L Drabble118765001252
J Holland12370001237
A Dobson119328001221
FB Bailey9329618801216
D Keeley110287001189
S Hardy11630001163
P Wade107679001155
R Collins112127001148
PG Fulton8571770821116
BF Butcher105561001116
AE Martindale992120001112
L Heap970123001093
BG Drew80013115101082
B Duckworth98382001065
JS Hartley97984001063
J Chipps97661001037
A Lowe97339001012
C Light10020001002
AE Berry999000999
CT Benbow9492400973
MP Mott785650119969
HN Haworth8739400967
S Payne961000961
A Green9293100960
J Procter90039016955
A Ingham951000951
A Veevers8526800920
R Towler8365800894
SW Grant779295317878
CA Martindale8146100875
AB McDonald702670103872
S Barnes868000868
CF Root68317900862
K Fairclough7926000852
A Pate851000851
D Klein68661590851
M Jones7991800817
J Salkeld7714200813
M Prabhakar7396900808
DS Morgan803000803
G Bushell7094000749
RJ Lanchbury6548700741
EJ Gray6528300735
JD Sparks6874100728
LW Parkinson723200725
JA Cuffe6645700721
J Jackson714000714
AK Heal6509440703
TJ Sullivan6593700696
R Harrison692000692
H Hemingway688000688
CJ Scott6592500684
IJ Wrigley6423200674
TW Pepper5996200661
JT Binns659000659
KP Higgins5896100650
J Ormerod6063600642
W Bowling629000629
H Peel5913700628
LS Priestley5666200628
JJ Holden626000626
JD Baldwin610900619
AIC Dodemaide5704100611
Khan Mohammad5148200596
H Anthony591000591
RA Devon5157300588
A Chippendale5562700583
J Bushell51840025583
D Carter564500569
JT Swift566000566
GB Capstick5163400550
PR Roberts5122600538
P Atkinson5201300533
T Harrison527000527
W Campbell512000512

Wickets (over 50 League wickets to qualify)

PlayerLeagueWorsley CupTwenty20Inter LeagueTotal
T Shutt100019001019
J Hope59527011633
A Holden5134500558
JA Finch39720242443
MD Hope347431225427
W Cook3732300396
JR Stott3452200367
Safdar Minhas3431700360
BB Gregory352000352
PTBM Martin26730480345
W Whittaker333000333
EA Martindale3072000327
R Bromley3022400326
E Smith319500324
F Webster2853300318
JR Milne2881400302
DF Haasbroek25322180293
TW Whittaker290000290
M Amarnath2632100284
JM Hawke23126260283
JD Sparks2631500278
JJ Russell2421478271
K Tranter216700223
JW Halstead2101200222
A Pate220000220
W Tolson217000217
EL St Hill2011500216
J Salkeld2031000213
T Jones1941500209
A Green198900207
S Hardy205000205
W Pollard1881300201
MJ Walker14327210191
CT Benbow155853171
KBJ Azad163600169
L Drabble165000165
FB Bailey12917170163
E Vost160000160
WB Holt1471200159
H Spencer157200159
K Smith150500155
CF Root140900149
D Carter144300147
WG Cook1351100146
JJ Pienaar11412190145
PR Roberts1311100142
CJ Williamson134700141
PK Stansfield11210115138
R Collins132600138
H Anthony137000137
SL Flegler129700136
JA Cuffe125900134
CP Carter121700128
Manzoor Elahi117700124
A Lowe116200118
LCR Jordaan1001104115
RA Burns111200113
Khan Mohammad101800109
RJ Harris99234108
J Drabble102400106
D Whalley99600105
OJ Erasmus6814210103
T Boardwell99300102
Khalid Qureshi100000100
H Pickthall87110098
AIC Dodemaide9440098
A Robinson9600096
M van Jaarsveld8640696
H Hemingway9500095
GA Wilson9500095
RE Marshall9410095
RK Tyldesley9400094
AJ Benneworth8480092
B Heap381043091
R Gilchrist8470091
EJ Gray76120088
D Pollard8340087
T Hussain571315085
J Soult8300083
JM Blackhurst8020082
RA Hesketh7190181
JS Hartley7740081
J Pollard7720079
JH Goodband7800078
J Capstick7150076
AB McDonald6850376
G Bushell6780075
A McNicholas7220074
A Wardle7100071
AK Heal6117069
W Wade6720069
TG Hogan6180069
N Spencer6700067
WS Lees6600066
P Lawson6330066
JH Atherton6500065
A Waterworth6500065
LW Parkinson6050065
TG Poole6300063
C Tillotson5750062
BG Drew5425061
G Porter6000060
D Hall5550060
J Pennington5900059
AE Berry5700057
R Harrison5700057
A Ashwell5700057
H Hodgson5500055
M Prabhakar5050055
E Coward5400054
DS Morgan5400054
G Bridge5120053
N Hodgson5030053
JS Heap5000050


PlayerL CatchesL StumpingsL TotalWC CatchesWC StumpingsWC TotalT20 CatchesT20 StumpingsT20 TotalCatchesStumpingsTotal
B Higgin4576051735439049264556
J Martin250643141762329154429685381
A Smalley2539134412416026595360
A Veevers12543168336012846174
A Chippendale11645161639012248170
JT McGregor8628114105154101410043143
IJ Wrigley9917116617010518123


 LeagueWorsley CupTwenty20Inter LeagueTotal
CJ Bleazard26713104294
CR Cottam15518241198
A Holden16616182
J Hope148105163
PJ Astin14313156
A Spencer1356141
P Tripathi11591125
MD Hope107723119
MJ Walker10658119
T Shutt1064110
BR Heap81518104
W Whittaker103103
K Tranter955100
H Lawson9999
J Cook9292
JD Holland83790
NG Hope768185
JM Hawke6191181
PTBM Martin667780
JJ Elliott7979
J Beneduce6564378
E Needham7777
D Whalley687176
J Drabble68775
TW Whittaker7474
SAM Heaton7474
JA Finch6255173
E Smith65469
G Green6868
MJ Walker545867
H Spencer5959
BB Gregory5555
R Holdsworth5555
A Pate5454
G Moorhouse51253
R Holden5252
RB Bolton5252