Spotlight on our Supporters – Dan Statham

As well as seeing how our players are wintering we’ve decided to have a chat to our local “barmy army!” The first brave candidate is Dan Statham who has been following us religiously for the last couple of seasons. I asked him a few questions;

When did you first start supporting the club and why?

– In the 2011 season when Spenny dragged me along.

What was your favourite Lowerhouse game you have witnessed?

Probably the Worley cup final away at Church (proper glory hunter answer that eh? 😉 )

What has been your favourite thing to happen at the club (non cricket!)

Probably the gigs after the 20 / 20 games last season.

What are your hopes for Lowerhouse for the future?

Continue to bring great young players through and win more trophies in style

Do you have any pre game rituals?

Usually telling Spenny I’ll be round in a minute then turning up half way through.

What do you do to keep yourself busy in the winter?

Earning brownie points so I can do what I want on sunny weekends

How will we do this season?

I think with lads coming back with valuable experience of playing in Oz and a new pro coming in after Frankie’s successful stint we should expect at least one of the 3 main trophys.

Follow Dan on Twitter, we look forward to seeing you in the season!

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