1869: AGM booklet

We are in the process of digitalising our entire archive of physical documents. This is currently stored and looked after by Anne Cochrane – due to the age of these documents, we want to ensure we have digital backups as well as preserving the physical as well as we can.

Starting today (and probably with one post a week) – we will be updating and showing you this archive. 

Thank you so much to Anne for the hard work in scanning in all these documents, whilst trying her best not to damage them!

The first is our AGM booklet from 1869, yes, 1869! That is 150 year ago… It has a report of what went on in the season and statistics. 

We are proud to still own and have artifacts such as this. Please see below – happy reading!

It may take about 3 or 4 minutes to load as its a high quality PDF…


Images below, if it doesn’t load

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