4th Eleven end of season report


LHCC have produced their averages the inaugural season for the 4XI.
Cricket Chairman Stan Heaton reflected on the season.
“The 4XI was established to give the under 15 age group and younger, the opportunity to sample 40 over cricket. The directors agreed to fund the cost and fortunately we were able to find enough gaps in the calendar to play 8 matches, winning 5 and losing 3.
Astutely captained by veteran John Nicholas the team played some excellent cricket with 4 maiden 50’s being recorded by the youngsters. 6 of the team went on to play 3XI cricket with Tom Bridge becoming a regular in the 3XI.
27 youngsters played for the 4th team and experienced longer games for the first time. This will assist them in moving up into the 3rd team and puts foundations down for their future.
The club made new friends with matches against Central Lancashire League Clubs and Clitheroe and also against a number of Lancashire League clubs who have also seen the benefit of this type of match. I would like to thank our friends at other clubs who hosted us, and to our groundsman Peter Tighe who again pulled out the stops to provide us with quality wickets in a packed season.
It was no small feat to establish this side but the will to provide this facility was strong. Thanks too for the manager Dave Nicholas, umpire Gary Stein and scorer and tally Robson Elliott and Kheiro Chir. “
LHCC Juniors are looking forward to continuing this in 2014 and beyond and any clubs interested in playing them, please contact Stan Heaton on 07941439741

The junior report will follow




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