1980s? Answers on a postcard…

12th March 2019 Adam Hope 0

A photo has appeared on Facebook from Michael John Bailey, with the caption “Must have been a big game at Lowerhouse?”. Do you know when this was? So far we

1982: Evan at Training

17th May 2018 Adam Hope 0

We some time ago posted the picture in this Burnley Express article but there is a great write up of the impact that Evan Gray was having down at the

1982: The Barbeque

3rd May 2018 Adam Hope 0

Todays entry into the History Books sees a BBQ run by the players and professional in 1982. Including a fresh faced Chris Bleazard and a happy looking Phil Astin in

1982 – Presentation Night

30th March 2018 Adam Hope 0

Another cracker sent in from 1982 presentation night. Featuring Jez Hope, Alan Holden, Stan Heaton and Roger Bromley on the back row with a young Chris Bleazard on the middle.

1982 – Holland Cup Win

29th March 2018 Adam Hope 0

Lowerhouse came ever so close to the title in 1982 coming runners up to Rawtenstall by a measly point. (League table here). It did however provide the club with its

1982 – Read vs Lowerhouse

26th March 2018 Adam Hope 0

Another photo from Alan Holden is the teams in a friendly between Read and Lowerhouse in 1982 – answers on a postcard for who features in this one (including a