The Run In – Updated Fixture Schedule

Members/Supporters please note:

The Lancashire League fixtures that were originally scheduled for Sunday August 21st but were changed to Saturday September 3rd due to Burnley’s involvement in the LCB Cup semi final have now reverted back to the original date with the exception of the Haslingden Burnley match which will be played 3rd September 2016

Should Burnley progress to the LKO Final, their match with Todmorden will be played on Saturday 10th September.

All Second team fixtures are unaffected, this means fixtures for 1st, 2nds & 3rd X1 are now as follows:

14/08/2016 Rishton Away
20/08/2016 Enfield Away
21/08/2016 Church Home
26/08/2016 Burnley Away
27/08/2016 Colne Home
04/09/2016 East Lancs Away
11/09/2016 Rawtenstall Home
14/08/2016 Rishton Home
20/08/2016 Enfield Home
21/08/2016 Church Away
26/08/2016 Burnley Home
27/08/2016 Colne Away
04/09/2016 East Lancs Home
11/09/2016 Rawtenstall Away
3rd X1
29/08/2016 East Lancs Away
03/09/2016 Burnley Home


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